Judith Weinman, MA/SLP-CCC, TSHH


I have worked in New York City as a speech-language pathologist since 1992. In addition to specializing in accent and speech modification, I have worked extensively with diverse populations and communication problems, including voice issues and stuttering. My practice now focuses on improving professional communication skills for individuals, companies and organizations. I have worked with clients from over 300 languages or dialects on accent modification and communication improvement.


My background includes a B.A. in linguistics and an M.A. in speech and communication sciences. I am a member of CorSpan, the Corporate Speech Pathology Network, and ASHA. I've studied several languages, in addition to acting, movement, public speaking, and voice, and I occasionally perform as a singer in New York City. I've taken extensive coursework in Linklater and Fitzmaurice Voice methods. On the business side, I have taken over 15 online courses relating to organizational communication skills, strategic human resources, organizational behavior, and the like-- a fascination I discovered later in life!


I can truly say that I have a passion for what I do. My approach is holistic and my focus is on addressing the individual and his/her unique needs, and improving that person’s work and personal communication skills. My approach combines science, theory, practicality and creativity, which is what makes it effective. I give my all to every single client.


I have  worked with diverse companies and organizations, including Bloomberg, BTG, Merrill Lynch, Palmolive, Bank of China, HSBC, Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYU Business School, Columbia Engineering Department, the U.N., Ernst & Young, Thomson Reuters, among others.


Ms. Weinman is a highly talented, knowledgeable and patient speech development coach. She is also an extraordinary listener and a keen observer. This fact is essential in the way she works. During her training sessions, she understands the importance of treating each client as an individual, tailoring her approach to each client's needs.

She was always jam packed with great information, reading materials and practice resources to make our meetings dynamic and engaging.

She gives you  tools to use on a daily basis which also helps you to have and see immediate results. Along this process, in addition, you also learn the linguistic reasoning behind her corrections which, ultimately, is crucial to assimilate effective communication skills.

When you are with her, time flies and you leave the class with a smile, highly motivated, confident and empowered.

I would highly recommend Ms. Judith Weinman to all individuals and companies who take the quality of communication and the care of their service seriously.
-Rosa M., Lead Change Consultant, Branding