I thought after 12 years of living in the United States my accent would be gone, yet people were still asking me to repeat myself. Judy's program not only helped me to understand how to correctly make the sounds I had been mispronouncing, but also how to improve my intonation and voice projection. I feel 1000% more confident now when doing presentations or speaking on the phone. I should have gone years ago...

K.L.  (Banking professional)


I would recommend Judy to anyone without the slightest hint of hesitation. She is strongly committed to her work and spares no effort in encouraging and inspiring her students to perform better. In the future, whenever I feel I'm losing what I had learned from her, I would, again without hesitation, schedule refresher sessions with her. I always felt she was going out of her way to make sure I got the most out of the speech sessions.

On several occasions when I couldn't make it to a session, she offered to come to my office.
Masimba T., U.N.


Hi, Judy
My profound apology for belated reply!
I have been heavily engaged in a number of cases, although that makes an inadequate excuse in light of your superb work done for Heeju. 
She has changed! 
Thanking you infinitely for what you have done for Heeju,
With all my warmest regards,
Ben  (speaking re. college-aged granddughter, visiting U.S. from Korea, working on accent reduction)


"This space is too small to write a testimonial for a person like Judy Weinman.  She is an 

amazing person who is dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate in her field of study.

Every coaching session with her is fun and informative; she is very approachable and is always willing 

to go above and beyond to help you understand things.  I learned a lot from Judy’s coaching and 

would highly recommend her for all your language and other speech related concerns."
G.K.    (Ph.D. student in Business)

Thank you so much Judy!!! I can say I have been truly blessed to have had a great therapist help Jace.
Thank you for the update! I ask him everyday what he went over with you during his therapy session...
Again thank you so much for all your hard work with my son, I can't express to you in words how much we appreciate your hard work in trying to help Jace achieve his goals with his speech. 
PS -- I love that game and will try it at home over the weekend!! 


Hello, Ms. Weinman. As we get ready for the new school year, I'm finally getting around to writing you a note that I've been meaning to write since the end of last school year. I wanted to thank you for all the great work you did with and for Noah. You were so attentive and dedicated. I wish you could have remained his therapist, and I can only hope his next one will be as competent and invested as you. Thanks again.
Michelle A.