Speech/Communication Improvement for Native English Speakers


Do you feel your voice and speaking manner are truly representing who you are, or who you know you can be? If not, do something about it!


Vocal presence is the state where your words, facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, emotions, imagination, and spirit are all fully engaged and congruent in conveying your message. 

You don’t have one voice; you have many.  

Expressions of leadership and love have as much to do with sound and delivery as with words.

A question to ask yourself: If you had full access to your voice, what would be different about your life, work, relationships, connection to yourself?

Exploring your voice might just uncover gifts you were not even aware of! I believe that our willingness to inhabit our voices is a major determinant of a fully lived life.  

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All life therefore comes back to the question of our speech, the medium through which we communicate with each other; for all life comes back to the question of our relations with each other ... the way we say a thing, or fail to say it, fail to learn to say it, has an importance in life that is impossible to overstate—a far-reaching importance, as the very hinge of the relation of man to man.


Henry James


Live your one wild and precious life.

Mary Oliver