A Head Start For Your 2021 (short version)


A Head Start For Your 2021

You don't need one more person telling you about the challenges that 2020 brought. It was a doozy of a year. 'Nough said.

That's why I'm offering a gift and some free advice. Lucky you! Especially the free advice part;)

From now until January 15th, Accent On Speech is offering $100 off on all speech/voice and accent evaluations.

Why is this something you want and need, and might not even know it?
I'll start here. Pretty much every study on the planet ever done rates communication skills as the #1 determiner for professional success (in some form or another). If you can't capture people's attention, really listen and hear the concerns of others expressed, adapt your style appropriately and strategically, and deliver your message clearly, with your unique perspective, you are at a huge disadvantage in business. And those skills just begin to scratch the surface.

Through a speech/language/voice evaluation, you will learn and/or confirm for yourself, what your communication strengths are and what needs attention. I guarantee you will walk away with new and greater insights into your communication skills and what you can do to make them even more powerful and authentic to who you are. I'll help you to clarify your goals and you'll walk away with practical advice and direction on where to go from there.

The one-hour evaluation review takes place in person (or online, via Zoom) after the initial questionnaire and recordings are made. (If you have any questions now or during the process, just ask--it's very straight forward;) You will also receive a written report highlighting your issues, goals, and suggestions for addressing them. My evaluations and reports are probably more detailed and precise than you could find anyplace else!

Short version: Take $100 off the cost of a speech/language/voice evaluation if you book before 1/15/2021. The evaluation itself can be scheduled any time before February 20th--on YOUR schedule.
Here's the longer version, where I tell you about some of the clients I worked with and helped in 2020. If you want to hear about their stories, and you SHOULD, click here.

Register: Click here for success and happiness in 2021!
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Give yourself a natural advantage in 2021. It IS the way you say it. Ace the interview, get the promotion, or just improve your overall state of mind, confidence, and enjoyment connecting with others.

Smartest advice for 2021? Invest in your communication skills. There is no surer return of investment.


As the WHO sang, Got a feeling '21 is gonna be a good year!