Meetup on December 20, 2018



At this meetup, we will discuss the "music" of English. Basic intonation and a few tricky stress patterns will be broken down and practiced. We'll also practice using the "schwa," the most frequently occurring sound in English, and one that is crucial for creating the distinct rhythm and flow of English. It is my hope that by addressing these issues, you will feel more control and confidence in your English-speaking skills, and that misunderstandings by others will greatly reduce. You will leave with some practical knowledge, strategies, and materials to start implementing right away into your everyday speech. Questions, discussion welcome! No pressure setting; good opportunity to feel comfortable experimenting, practicing, and enjoying improving your English skills!
RSVP mandatory. Small fee ($15) payable by Venmo or Zelle. Type in 347 886-4040. $20 at the event.