New Class!


I am very excited to offer a new class – one that has been requested by many of my clients. It is for both native English-speaking and non-native English speakers who want extra practice in working on their speech and communication goals.

It is a great opportunity to practice with a group- and as you know, I have the coolest, nicest, most interesting, fun, wonderful clients in the world. So not only will it be a great opportunity for practice, you'll also get to meet some great people and have fun, I guarantee it.

If you are not a former client, no problem. I just ask that you take a trial session (reduced fee), so that we have a chance to get to know each other and establish your goals, so that the class is most beneficial to you.

At each class, we will start with one or two exercises focusing on different elements of speech & voice. For example, we may start with a grounding, breathing, relaxation exercise and then do another exercise for improving rate; or, it might be an exercise for improving resonance and vocal dynamism- again, the activities will be based on the participants' needs. Every participant's goals will be addressed throughout the class. 

If you are working on improving your presentation or professional language skills, you will have a chance to practice in class, with supportive feedback and constructive critique. If your issue is reducing an accent and increasing clarity and confidence, you will have an opportunity to practice- through structured exercises or games, and then carryover conversation with the group. (Individual activities for home practice will also be provided.) If you are working on speaking with a more dynamic voice, you may read part of a play script with another group member! See what your voice is capable of! Practice the talk you're getting ready to give for your department! The possibilities are endless.

We will discuss the activities that will take place in each session beforehand, so that you have an opportunity to practice and or plan.

Life is short. Let's keep growing and have a blast while we're doing it.

This class will meet weekly, for 8 Thursdays, starting January 19, 2017, 7:00-8:00 pm. This time might change, depending on the preferences of the group. The fee for the class (for this introductory offer) is only $320.

Write to me if you have any questions at all. Looking forward to hearing from you!