The Importance of Writing Quality Emails 


Don't Overlook This Important Aspect of Business

In my role in improving business and professional communication skills, I am often asked to work with an employee on email-writing skills. Complaints supervisors have include: not sounding professional because of off-target tone, rambling and not getting to the point, using too much softening language, too friendly and conversational in tone, being abrupt and lacking polish, ignoring the importance of the subject headline, and lack of sufficient proofreading.

The communication--in both quality and style between customer/client and your company representative is critical to your organization--how it runs, and its image. If the messages being sent out are not professional, concise, accurate, and representative of the image the company seeks to spread, you're hurting its overall well-being.

I typically have my clients forward me various email threads, which we go through and carefully address the various issues that are contributing to less than effective and stellar communication. Instead of writing a whole article on this topic, I suggest you read some of the fine articles that have already been written on this topic and which I am providing links to below.

It is a critical issue that should not be overlooked. It's something that should be addressed and will ultimately up the overall performance and reputation of your company.