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Accent Modification (or accent reduction)

The sounds, intonation, and rhythm patterns are different in each language or dialect. If a speaker wants to learn Standard Global English, they must first learn to hear (and see and feel) the differences between their current speech patterns and Standard English. It is then that goals can be established and new speaking patterns and habits taught and learned, through targeted exercises, practice, and carryover techniques. Accent modification may also include achieving increased awareness of English grammar, and differences in various cultural communication styles. Accent work may be combined with improving overall voice use and enhancing communication skills for professional speech.


Classes address:

  1. ability to distinguish between correct and incorrect American English pronunciation.

  2. exercises to improve sound errors, intonation, and grammar.

  3. practice and activities that are effective and fun.

  4. carryover assignments that include downloadable audio and text.

  5. practice using your most frequently used professional vocabulary.

  6. oral reading of language related to your business/profession.

  7. practice delivering short talks.

  8. conversational dialogues and talking on the telephone.


"I thought after 12 years of living in the United States my accent would be gone, yet people were still asking me to repeat myself. Judy's program not only helped me to understand how to correctly make the sounds I had been mispronouncing, but also how to improve my intonation and voice projection. I feel 1000% more confident now when doing presentations or speaking on the phone. I should have gone years ago..."

K.L.  (Banking professional)


To find out if accent modification is right for you, take a free screening. You will need a microphone and approximately 10 minutes to complete this screening. You will be redirected to the ComptonPeslOnline website. If you are unable to access the recorder, contact info@accentjweinman, and we will send you the screener.




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