Accent on Speech with Judith Weinman                                                             

We provide highly specialized programs for companies and individuals to improve communication. Programs are offered privately or in groups and are custom tailored to individual needs for improving speech, voice, language and presentation skills. It is targeted for professionals who wish to improve skills and gain confidence in their ability to speak clearly and effectively, in both professional and social settings.

Areas addressed include:

  • reducing accent, either foreign or regional

  • improving the sound of the voice, including ability to project, effective use of breath, and tone quality

  • improving ability to express thoughts clearly and effectively

  • enhancing the skills necessary to “perform” both in formal presentations and in daily business communication                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

New Group Classes Starting on September 1! In Soho.

New Group For speakers of Indian languages starting September 19


Individual sessions can start any time and take place at your Manhattan office, via teleconferencing, or at either my uptown or downtown office. 

If you are interested in accent reduction therapy but find that individual programs don't fit your budget, you can take the class with one other person who shares a similar language background. Just let me know, and I will help to arrange it!


It's not what you tell them... it's what they hear.

     Red Auerbach