Group Classes

Looking for a breakthrough in your English fluency and greater confidence with communication, in general? Feel like you're stagnating a bit? This is a great opportunity to invest in yourself, professionally and personally. Having excellent communication skills is imperative when competing in a tough economy. Why waste time being a lesser version of yourself, when you have the capacity to change it? I'll help you address the subtle or not so subtle issues that may be keeping you back or preventing you from going after and getting what you want and deserve. It's an accent, yes, but there's more to it...

For speakers of English as second language who wish to:

Address speech sound, intonation and mindset issues that can transform your speech 

Experience a greater comfort and freedom in speaking English

Increase confidence in both social and professional speech settings

Next Group Class starts September 9, 2021  Contact  for more information.

Limited to FOUR people.

Classes will meet 8 times (Tuesdays and Thursdays, once or twice a week**) 9/9, 9/14, 9/21, 9/23,

9/30, 10/5, 10/7, 10/14.

8 90-minute sessions (12 hours) 6:15-7:45 pm EST. **Note: If you need to miss a class--don't worry! I will record it and send it to you right after the class has ended. I'll also send you the exercises and provide feedback on your practice recordings for the skills addressed during that session. Any notes or other recordings will also be provided. Also, with such a small group, re-scheduling of sessions is possible!

Classes will take place online, via Zoom meeting.

Group classes address the sounds and issues that are most relevant to the participants in the group. Consonant, vowel, and stress and intonation issues are a part of every group class. Included: 

  • Audio and print materials, as well as personalized MP3s that address each group member's difficult sounds, issues, and words. 
  • Weekly feedback (between sessions) to make sure you are on the right track
  • An opportunity to practice new skills through engaging activities, like reading aloud, conversation, and role play
  • An opportunity to interact and practice with real human beings, which is what you want!
  • A supportive environment that encourages your individual growth and self-development.
  • An improved sense of confidence in your speaking abilities after completion! 
  • You can't predict all the ways that your life may improve when you have greater understanding, control, and joy in your self-expression.

**Prior to the class beginning, each participant will take a free screener, which will provide me with your basic speech patterns, needs and goals for the class. You may also opt to take a more in-depth evaluation, which there is a fee for, but may prove very beneficial to you. An initial consultation session is the first step... So, what are you waiting for?

Contact Us for more information

Get free print and audio lesson for becoming a more dynamic speaker and improving vocal stress and intonation patterns.

What is the difference between an evaluation and a screener?

An evaluation is a very thorough assessment of your speech sound patterns, intonation, voice, and grammatical patterns, and also addresses any other communication issues that are unique to you. It is based on an analysis of your speech samples and interview. We meet for a 60-minute 1:1 session to discuss your communication needs and goals for a program (either in person or online). A written report of your speech patterns is generated from the evaluation for you to keep and use. In a group class, the speech issues of the participants determine the syllabus for the class. Individual attention is provided to each group member (maximum 5 participants) throughout the class, and custom-made materials targeting each individual's specific sounds and issues are generated to keep and practice. There is a fee for the evaluation. You may choose to forgo the evaluation and instead take a free screener.

The evaluation involves making recordings, which can be done either online or in person, and involves saying words and sentences, reading aloud, and speaking spontaneously. After a written report and analysis are generated, we discuss your goals either in person or online, and I answer any questions you have. You receive a detailed printout of your speech and communication patterns.

For the online screener, you are directed to speak some words aloud, read, and speak spontaneously. It provides me with a basic blueprint of your speech, voice, and communications issues, and helps direct the course of your program.

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