Small Group Classes

Small Group Classes for Native & Non-Native English Speakers

Group Classes are THE way to go if:

You want the attention and support that you would receive in 1:1 classes plus the opportunity to practice with other people: your presentation, meeting skills, small talk... Feedback from others can be SO beneficial. ALSO, the support from other people can make your experience even more meaningful.

Group classes are offered periodically through my newsletter and in my News section.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you feel your voice and speaking style represent who you truly are? Are you able to bring out the best of yourself in your communication?
  • If you had full access to your voice, what would be different about your life, work, relationships and connection to yourself?
  • Does the way you deliver your speech represent your authentic self?
  • Exploring your voice might just uncover gifts you were not even aware of! I believe that our willingness to inhabit our voices is a major determinant of a fully lived life. Are you open to these discoveries?

How do small group classes work?

Classes are limited to 5 people. The class meets at the same time once a week for 8 weeks. Group classes are announced here and through my newsletter (subscribe here.) Organizations frequently arrange group classes that can be held on-site or online.

Before the class begins, I will meet with each member individually for an in-depth conversation about your needs and goals for the class. The "syllabus" for the class is based on the unique participants' main issues and goals. They will always address: breath, resonance, and mindset issues. This class will provide you with a solid understanding of how your voice works, ways it can go wrong, and how to create a voice that is powerful, dynamic and uniquely you.

There is also a subscription class that meets twice each month which will start soon! 

Classes may address:

Specific speech and voice issues such as: Fast talkers, mumbling, fading voices, freezing and performance anxiety, and improving vocal resonance and tone, amongst many others.

Overall goals of participants, such as: Improving executive presence, developing greater confidence in specific contexts, like meetings, presentations and high stakes 1:1s; communicating like a leader, improving impromptu speaking skills, small talk, streamlining messages, tailoring messages according to the audience... 

If you're not sure if it's for you, request a trial session! 

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