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What is your voice telling people? Does it accurately and effectively convey your personal and professional brand?

I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki on her wonderful podcast "Talk about Talk." We discussed voice and the powerful role it plays in our professional and personal lives.

Andrea also asked me about ways to cultivate a healthy, authentic, dynamic, and credible voice that is appropriate to your professional role AND ways to develop a more flexible voice that expresses the various aspects of your personality that make you, you.

I hope you'll give it a listen! And tell me what you think!

What are your experiences with your voice, the relationship you have to it, and the ways it impacts your career and life?

Judy :)

Speak English Like You Own It

December 2, 2021 at 6:00 pm EST (Register here)

Feel comfortable, confident, and empowered

so that you...

Ace the interview, ask for the promotion, or just speak up and make the kind of impact you want.

Hey! Do you ever feel awkward speaking English, especially when producing sounds that don't exist in your native language? And does it get even more nerve-racking when you're speaking in high-stakes situations?

You're not alone. Join me on December 2nd at 6 pm when we practice the /TH/ sound. The link for the class is here.

The /th/ sound can be a real thorn in the side for many of my clients...

The problem is the sound occurs a LOT in English!

When you say,

"They thought these were for them but those are the ones that are theirs..."

Did you find yourself saying "dey" for "they" or "wiz" for "with?"

In this FREE class, not only will you learn how to comfortably produce the /th/ sound, you will also learn how to go about incorporating it seamlessly into your connected speech.

You'll also learn some very valuable techniques and strategies for mastering ANY English sound that you find yourself being tripped up by.

After we practice together-because the ONLY way to improve or change your speech is to practice out loud, preferably with other people!, we will go on to practice using the word "the" in connected speech.

That leads me to this... Articles (the, a, an...) can be tricky for people who don't have them in their language. However, when you leave out the articles when speaking English, your speech can sound mechanical or kind of robotic, and the flow and rhythm of the speech is affected. The "music" changes.

We'll do some fun exercises together to help you use "the" in your speech, as well as some other articles.

There will be a LOT of good information packed into this hour, so if you're interested in improving your speech, your confidence in speaking, and you wouldn't mind having a little fun while doing it, JOIN ME on Thursday, December 2 at 6 PM EST.

Just click here to register. You'll receive a confirmation and then... I look forward to talking about this, that, and the other thing with you!

A bit about me-- if you don't know!

 Over the course of my over 25-year career, I've worked with companies and organizations including Citi, IBM, EY, Bloomberg, Columbia Business School, NYU, and a host of others, as well as individuals from allover the world to develop communication skills. Currently, 65% of my clientele are non-native English speakers, but initially, this was ALL I did in my practice. So, I have a LOT of experience working with non-native English speakers in helping them become better English speakers and overall communicators.

Over the years, I've met so many people who have wanted the kinds of services I provide but couldn't afford them. That is why I host regular online classes AND offer occasional reduced price group classes.

Again, the link for the class is right here! :)

See you then!


Join me for a free online class. 

6:15 pm EST

October 28


Some of my non-native (and native) English speaking clients struggle with issues like speech clarity or vocal dynamics. Being as expressive in a second (or third) language as you are in your native language is challenging! Heck, being a great, dynamic speaker in your native language is a challenge!

Certain situations can be especially trying--and this is true for ALL speakers, like speaking up in meetings, presenting to large groups, or making small talk with mixed speakers. If you ever find yourself not volunteering information, speaking too quietly, too fast, or freezing due to doubts of vocabulary and sentence formulation, you're not alone.

The good news is that a lot of these problems can be minimized or eliminated through fairly easy to learn strategies; ones that can, with a bit of self-discipline, become habitual, and drastically change the way you feel going into certain situations and how you perform within them.LET'S BE CLEAR...In this free one-hour session, we will talk about:

Strategies for improving clarity, fluency and vocal resonance
so that...
you are understood.
you are listened to.
your voice sounds GREAT and people WANT to listen to you!

I will be offering up and demonstrating strategies that we will practice together to help you cultivate a more organic sounding and feeling connection between your thoughts and your speech, so that

🙋‍♀️ you are never hesitant to speak up
👌 you can trust that the words will come, and
💪 know that in your delivery you will sound calm, credible and confident.

Some of the key elements of speech we will be addressing include breath support, linking, mouth and jaw movement, and mindset.

You can feel free to ask questions, share your issues, and trust that you have a supportive environment in which to try out new ways of sounding and feeling about your speech and communication style.If you're serious about improving your speech and overall communication skills-now and for your future, you don't want to miss this one!

You need to REGISTER for this class ahead of time.
Look forward to seeing you soon! 😁


If you cannot make the live event, as I realize the timing is not convenient from some locations, I

would be happy to send you a recording!


Listen to the interview I did with Laura Camacho on her terrific podcast Speak Up. Laura is an executive coach, trainer, and speaker. We talked about accent and voice. Give a listen!

E 132: The Surprising Impact Of Accents & Voice with Judith Weinman 

35 min. Welcome to the Speak Up with Laura Camacho podcast. This is the place where you get encouragement and tools to say what needs to be said. Be the leader who moves things forward. Listen in as Laura asks daring questions to voice and communication coach, Judith Weinman, founder of Accent on Speech. We discuss so many aspects of accent and voice that relate to how you are perceived as a leader. Listen to learn actionable insights to sound more confident like: 

- What to do when you have an accent and are meeting someone for the first time. 

- A powerful voice exercise to meet the needs of any communication situation 

- How accent and voice affect perceptions of you as a leader 

- Speak and present more confidently online

Accent On Speech
Micro Sessions

Take advantage of this new cost-effective way to get personalized feedback and instruction. Micro sessions enable you to record up to 2 minutes of your speech for review by Judith Weinman. She will listen to and analyze your recording-with or without video, and then reply with her own recording/video providing you detailed analysis and instruction on what you can do to improve. You can use any audio method you prefer, including Whatsapp, email, Voice memo, Audio Hijack, etc. and any video method-through your computer, Zoom, etc. You will hear back within 24 business hours (M-F).

Or you can send your text (parts of a presentation, your elevator pitch, common phrases you say, etc.), and I'll record them for you.

I may also offer ideas and suggestions for ways to make your presentation, story, or elevator pitch even better.

Micro sessions are perfect if you have a:

  • public speaking engagement
  • presentation
  • situation where you may feel anxiety or stress
  • desire to improve the overall effectiveness of your speaking voice

Number of Sessions/Cost

1 for $8 each

5 for $7 each

10 for $6 each

20 for $5 each

Survey: Let me know (in the message space): What are your greatest communication challenges at work? How do you deal with them? I'd love to learn from you and share your responses, along with my feedback, with others.

I once had a client who said, "The moment you open up your mouth to speak, all of your business is out in the street." What he meant is that our voices, as well as the way we speak, reveal volumes and create strong and immediate perceptions in the minds of our listeners. Signals are transmitted regarding... our background, education,...

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