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Accent On Speech is now offering an even more practical (and affordable) way to develop both Professional Communication Skills and English Speaking for Non-Native English Speakers.

There will be two different online classes each month. If you'd like to join either one, simply register below.

In the coming months, I will be hosting more of these sessions, each time focusing on a different topic. It's an accessible, low cost way for you to enhance and continue developing your communication skills. Classes this month will be free.

I. For All Professionals

JOIN ME November 19th at 6:15 pm EST

Learn tips and techniques that will enhance your professional presence and communication skills.

Time For a Communication Style Makeover? Maybe just some renovation.

The way you communicate with others on a daily basis, both in your personal life and your professional life reflect and determine how you perceive yourself, how you connect to the world around you, and how others understand and relate to you.

As our professional and personal roles change, it is often necessary to "check in" with how we are speaking, sounding, and coming across to those around us. If we don't we may find ourselves getting stuck in old identities or images we have of ourselves, or holding on to beliefs that no longer serve us well and that can derail overall growth and achievement.

In this workshop, we will talk about why the way we communicate needs frequent re-assessing, as we change and as society changes. We'll touch upon habits in our communication style and mindset that can hold us back, and explore and think about communication in new ways and with fresh perspective. We'll break down the very essence of what communication is, establish a framework, and relate to these concepts in a very practical way. You'll take away some new tools and strategies that you can think about and start applying now, that will benefit not only your professional growth, but also your personal development, and, your day to day state of mind and enjoyment of your life being you.

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II. For Non-Native Speakers of English

Thursday, November 5, 6:15 pm EST

Learn Important Skills to Enhance Comfort and Fluency in Speaking English

Looking for a secret weapon for mastering English fluency? One that will greatly impact your comfort and confidence with speaking the language? Well, look no further, my friend.
Join me on Thursday, November 5th at 6:15 pm for this 75-minute session in which we will break apart the mysteries of this most critical element of spoken English. What is it, you ask? Drum roll, please... THE SCHWA.
OK, it may have a boring sounding name, but it is a superstar in terms of the difference understanding it can make in your fluency. The rhythm, flow, intonation, and expression of your spoken English are all dependent upon this little gold nugget.
After we bust apart what the heck it is, we will practice it. And we will have fun. So you should join;)

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