Developing the Skills Needed for Effective, Powerful and ENJOYABLE Communication

What can go wrong with communication
and strategies for accessing your best, authentic self,
especially in stressful communication contexts

If, as a communicator, you've ever found yourself tensing up or your mind going blank, or you find yourself rambling, speaking too fast, or mumbling- you're human. And, good news: this Zoom session is for YOU. ;)

There are myriad variables that can contribute to an unsuccessful communication encounter or one that causes speaker stress or discomfort. Of course, it's context-dependent, and since each person is unique, one speaker's issues are different from another's. Connecting with others, professionally and personally should provide us with some of our deepest joys and pleasures; it shouldn't, and doesn't have to be, a dreaded chore or burden.

What people often don't realize is that so many of the factors that affect communication are ones that we have the power to take control of and change; if we know what we're looking for, ways to address it, and how to practice and reinforce new behaviors that replace old ones. Communication is a full body/self event. Your voice, body, breath, and mind work together on a feedback loop, and greater control, as well as joyful discovery is within your power. 

In this free online session, I will address some of the fundamental concepts and skills that are essential to all effective and enjoyable communication. Though the concepts/skills may be fundamental, every individual relates to them differently and understanding and implementing them is not simple.

The session will be part lecture and part interactive, with some time for questions and discussion at the end. I hope you can make the time to join me!

The session will be on 9/15/20 from 6:15 pm-7:15 pm, and the link is below:

Link to Join Zoom Meeting:

Please RSVP beforehand to let me know you'll be joining so that you will be invited into the room.

If you enjoy the session, maybe you will join me for the next one. Here is a preview of what that session will be about:

Style of speaking, word choice, and tone of voice vary depending on who we are in a given context and what we are trying to accomplish. Also, we're always changing and growing, with our roles and with the times; as our identities change, so do we. We change the way we dress, our hair style, even the way we stand and move. The way we talk and how we connect to our voice also changes.

Sometimes, like with everything else, we can get stuck in a rut. There may come a point when we realize that the way we're speaking, at least in some contexts, is not syncing up with who we feel we are, or, that our current voice is not projecting the image or message that we desire or intend. Or... maybe we've never quite gotten comfortable with our own voice and speaking style. When surveyed, a majority of people say that they are not completely satisfied with the way they talk and sound, with most saying that they don't even like to hear themselves on a recording.

This is astounding news, knowing how malleable the human voice is. In this session...

Had a nice workshop with ILSC last week! They teach English to international and local non-native English speakers.

Radio Spot


I was a guest on Sirius Radio's Urban View with Karen Hunter. The topic was speech, accent, and dialect, and the ways they affect listeners' perceptions. It was a lively and interesting dialogue, and I had a great time, with her and her entire, very welcoming staff. Thanks, Karen!

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