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Speak Up, Speak Clearly, Speak With Confidence

FREE CLASS for Non-Native Speakers of English

Thursday March 21 at 7pm EST  <Register here

  • Do you ever hesitate before speaking up in meetings, worried you might not express yourself clearly?
  • Have you ever felt your ideas or contributions are overlooked due to your accent and clarity?
  • Do you feel pressure to translate your thoughts from your native language to English on the fly, leading to delays in fast-paced work environments?
  • Does the extra effort required for clear communication lead to feelings of stress or burnout?

If any of these scenarios ring a familiar bell, join me on Thursday March 21 at 7 pm EST.

In this one-hour class, I'll help you find ways to feel and sound more confident, clear and expressive. I've been working with non-native speakers for over 25 years, and I know what works.

There will be opportunities to practice together and ask questions, as well as a Q. and A. to ask for help on specific sounds or issues. So bring your questions and more pressing concerns!






starting April 8, 2024


Attend a free class on March 21 at 7:00pm 

AND RECEIVE A LIMITED-TIME OFFER for a huge price reduction on the class.

For more details, go here or contact me directly.

Finally, learn how to develop your personal brand and elevate your unique vocal presence.

Join me and my friend, Dr. Andrea Wojnicki, a branding and marketing expert, for this

FREE one-hour workshop
The direct link for the workshop is here

Here is a description of the event:
Join top industry branding and voice experts Judith Weinman, MA SLP-CCC and Dr. Andrea Wojnicki for this one-hour workshop, where you'll learn:

-What exactly a personal brand is, how to find yours, and how developing it will increase your chances for success
-Ways to find and use your voice so that you always sound and feel calm, present and credible while communicating your unique gifts
-Branding and voice strategies that will improve your sense of confidence and direction

Why Attend?

1. Real-time coaching from TWO HIGHLY QUALIFIED COACHES. Dr. Andrea Wojnicki is a Harvard-educated executive communication coach and Judith Weinman is a seasoned voice and speech trainer with over 25 years of experience working with CEOS, Fortune 500 companies, Broadway actors, and politicians.

2. It's EFFICIENT LEARNING. You'll get one hour of focused and practical learning that will fast-track and clarify your brand voice journey.

3. It's FREE! And also, we're pretty sure you'll have a little fun. ;) What more, really, could you ask for in a workshop?

Hope to see you there!

Is it time for your annual?

You might not get a speech, voice and communication assessment annually, or perhaps you've never had one. 

Your communication style, the way you speak, and the way you sound is always changing, as your professional roles change, you change, and the world changes.
Does your speaking style and range truly represent your unique self at its best?
Does how you're communicating now sync with the goals you currently have for yourself professionally?
Does your voice sound as great as it could, if only you gave it the attention it never received? 

Well, it's your lucky day, or summer, should I say! 😻

💸 From now until August 31, 2023, I'm taking $100 off the cost of a complete evaluation. Just write "Summer Sale" and I'll be in touch. ; )

See all pricing in How It Works

What does an evaluation entail?

An evaluation starts with a 15-minute online consultation. Next, you fill out a questionnaire. The evaluation questionnaire I use has been modified and honed over the past 20 years to answer the most important questions regarding perceptions of your voice, how others perceive it, specific goals and areas you would like to address and any issues you believe will prevent you from reaching these goals. You send one or two videos to me as well, and all of this will be used in creating an overview of your strengths and areas you need and/or want to improve in. In our one-hour evaluation meeting, I'll explain HOW to go about reaching your communication goals and answer all your questions. 

You'll also receive a complete and detailed report breaking down your goals as well as some more written direction and suggestions for how to address them--strategies that have worked for my clients time and time again over the past 20-30 years! (The first 10 years I was just a speech-language pathologist working with all populations, not professionals, specifically.) 

We spend an hour together discussing your evaluation, you ask questions, and we might also do some exercises together.

You walk away with greater awareness and a clearer understanding of how you are currently speaking, voicing and communicating, how you WANT to be communicating, and HOW to get to that place sooner than you might have thought possible. 

I'm not exaggerating when I say it's fairly typical for my clients to go on to earn promotions, ace their interviews, gain the confidence to go after what they really want, and feel an overall greater sense of self, confidence and well-being.

To schedule an evaluation or for a free consultation to get valuable feedback on your speech, voice, or communication skills, go to the Contact page.


Thursday July 27 at 6 pm EST

Get the link here.

Have a question about speech, voice or communication?

Well, ask away! I'm all yours, from 6-7 pm. Heck, I might stay on longer if we're having fun. ; )

Here's your opportunity to ask about any issue, big or small, and receive practical advice and strategies for dealing with it. I might also send some more info. or exercises to you afterward.

Having worked with individuals and companies to improve speech, voice and communication skills for over 20 years, I've probably dealt with pretty much every issue you can think of—as well as developed and taught strategies that WORK for the unique individuals dealing with them. As a speech/language therapist, I've been diagnosing, creating clear objectives, and guiding progress for over 30 years. As a learning specialist, I know how adults learn, change behavior, habits, and even identity, most effectively.

It's fairly typical for my clients to go on to gain promotions, ace their interview, master their pitch, or finally gain the confidence to go after what they really want.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that developing your speech, voice and communication skills can be a game- and life-changer. Speaking in a voice that is confident and strong and that truly expresses who you are—at your best, can have a major impact on your well-being, your state of mind, and your enjoyment of just everyday communication!

So, have a question about…

developing a more dynamic, interesting voice
reducing an accent
reducing fillers in my speech (um, uh, like, so)
speaking in a deeper, more resonant voice
being more succinct in your communication
handling nerves when speaking
elevating your voice and presence in a male-dominated work environment
developing greater vocal presence
leading or participating in meetings more effectively
overcoming imposter syndrome
slowing down your speech
making yourself heard in noisy environments (networking events, restaurants, etc.)
finding a more credible, confident, authoritative voice
vocal health (vocal fatigue, hoarseness, etc.)
getting people to stop interrupting you
reducing fillers in my speech (um, uh, like, so)
fading out at the ends of sentences
overuse of glottal fry
preparing mentally and emotionally for a presentation
changing a monotone
improving a pitch
preparing content, practicing for a presentation
enhancing gravitas
bringing more passion into your voice
thinking better and faster on your feet

You get the idea!

So, I hope you'll join me on July 27th 2023 at 6 pm EST.
Click here to register
*When you join live and stay until the end, you will also receive $100 off the cost of one 1:1 60-minute session. (Good until August 31.)

Next free workshop: 

Your Voice IS Your Brand

Are you clear on yours?

May 18th or 25th, 2023 at 6:00 pm EST online

Join me and top industry branding and marketing expert Dr. Andrea Wojnicki for this one-hour workshop, where you'll learn:

-What exactly a personal brand is, how to find yours, and how developing it will increase your chances for success
-Ways to find and use your voice so that you always sound and feel calm, present and credible while communicating your unique gifts
-Branding and voice strategies that will improve your sense of confidence and direction

Why Attend?
1. Real-time coaching from TWO HIGHLY QUALIFIED COACHES. Dr. Andrea Wojnicki is a Harvard-educated executive communication coach and I'm a seasoned voice and speech trainer with over 25 years of experience working with CEOS, Fortune 500 companies, Broadway actors, and politicians.
2. It's EFFICIENT LEARNING. You'll get one hour of focused and practical learning that will fast-track and clarify your brand voice journey.
3. It's FREE! And also, we're pretty sure you'll have a little fun. ;) What more, really, could you ask for in a workshop?

Hope to see you there!

March Madness Sale

For the month of March, prices for 1:1 programs are reduced by 10%. This is a sweet deal, so don't sit on it... 

Get in touch with me now with requests or any questions! :)

"What did you say??"

How to speak with greater clarity so that you're never asked to repeat yourself.

Monday, 11/21/22 6:00 pm EST

Link to register for class

If you're frequently, or even sometimes, asked to repeat yourself OR your input or comments are returned with blank stares or nods by your listeners, this class is for you.

Not being understood when you speak can be one of the most frustrating experiences a communicator can have. Clarity is often an extra challenge if you are a non-native speaker of English. However, even though 65% of my clients are non-native speakers, clarity is frequently an issue for my native English-speaking clients, as well.

There are several potential reasons why you are having a hard time being understood-the first time. If you're a non-native speaker, you may be distorting or replacing English sounds with ones close to them in your own language, or, you may be deleting sounds all together, because you just don't hear them.

The issue could also be related to your intonation. The words and syllables you stress in connected speech, and the way you connect your sounds and words play a huge role in overall intelligibility and interpreting meaning.

Finally, a lack of confidence may contribute to... fast speech, mumbling, low volume or poor projection.

The worst thing that happens with my non-native speakers is that they end up not speaking up for fear of making mistakes or feeling embarrassed. They often avoid certain words or hold themselves back from really contributing in a way they know they can.

You NEED to speak up. Confidently. It is part of your job to contribute your unique perspective. You are not just cheating yourself when you don't, you are cheating your team. PLUS, you don't get better at anything unless you just jump in and do it, make some mistakes (big deal), and consider how you can say it better the next time.

For native speakers, it often comes down to confidence or just plain old bad habits. Most people have not had the advantage of having voice and speech training, skills that can greatly impact a person's level of success, career trajectory, relationships, and overall well-being.

If you're tired of compromising on your communication skills, having to repeat yourself, or just not feeling confident about the way you're speaking and presenting yourself, change it. You can be a clear, confident communicator.

And I'll let you in on a secret: I think you can become a great communicator. I really believe that. And I believe that when more people become the communicators they are capable of being, the world becomes a better, healthier place. But back to you ;)...

You can join me!--And I hope you do ;) on

Monday 11/21/22 at 6:00 pm EST/  Link to register.  *Mark your calendar.*

You'll walk away with greater clarity (get it?) on what you need to do to become a clearer, more easily understood and listened to speaker.

-If you can't make the live class, the recording will be available to you for four days, upon request. But I really hope you can make it live. Communication happens in the now, and you will get so much more out of it when you're present.

Drop me a note if you have any questions.

Take care. Speak up! Speak out! You'll be making the world a better place for everyone.



(This class is part of a subscription (very affordable!) but is FREE to first timers. More on that here.)

On 9/20/22, I spoke with the Eileen Fisher Org. on the topic of empowering women's voices. It is a bit of what I focus on in my 1-hour, 2-hour, 1-day, and 2-day workshops with women who are interested in exploring their voices and creating a voice that is strong, flexible, authentically expressive, and empowering. We can learn SO much about ourselves--and the world, through greater understanding of our voices. Our voices really do change the world!

9/24/22    11 am EST     Online Class     Join me!    Recording available if you sign up.

Speaking With a Voice People LISTEN To

Think you're ready to give your speech or presentation? Lead your meeting?

You might be neglecting one of the most critical elements.

So many people toil over the words they're going to say-and yet neglect the very vehicle through which their message is conveyed.

🗣Your voice! This is despite the fact that studies show voice and the way you speak can be MORE THAN TWICE as influential as the actual words you say.

Your audience might not remember everything you said, but they'll remember the way you made them feel. And the impression you left.
Were you credible? Confident? Comfortable? Real and relatable?

The truth is, two people can deliver the exact same speech and elicit completely different responses.
One person speaks and their listeners think "Geez, they could have just sent that information out in an email."
Another person presents, and a memorable moment or experience is shared; ideas come to life for you in a new or different way, and you feel newly inspired.
💪 The second person brings value to the team or organization, which is rewarded through promotions, leadership positions, and raises.
Were you always a great speaker? Not necessarily. In fact, most of the great speakers and communicators I know are that way because they recognized the value it would bring to their personal lives and careers and so invested in and worked on these skills.

🤸‍♂️ You can be a dynamic, effective speaker, too! Your challenge is to not allow the memory of past not-so-optimal performances or discomfort you remember feeling dominate and cloud your rational mind, which understands that any skill can be learned and improved if addressed effectively and positively.
Don't let negative thoughts about speaking sabotage your belief in yourself and what you're capable of.

On Saturday September 24th, I'll be hosting a class on "Speaking With a Voice People Listen to."
It will address some of the common speaking issues my clients present with...
Including: breath-holding and freezing; weak voice; monotone; fast speech; fading at the ends of sentences... and others.

--If you plan on coming to the class, you can send me a note with your request to join and I will make sure your issue is covered.
If you attend, you also have the choice to participate, practice, and receive feedback-up to you.
*This class is part of a subscription class but is free for first-timers.

I really hope you can make it. What have you got to lose?!

Write "LINK" in your note and I'll send you the link for the class.


🔔🔔  Bells! Horns!  📯📯

*Class is taking a short break. Will return soon!

I am now offering a VERY AFFORDABLE subscription option for anyone interested in developing their speaking and voice skills. Two classes will be held each month online for a VERY affordable price, and if you have to miss a class, the recording will be made available to you. 

It's an amazing opportunity you don't want to miss out on. You can learn more about the class here! This is something past clients and people on limited budgets have been requesting for a long time, and I'm SO happy to finally be doing it. You can drop in to see if the class is something you'd be interested in. The first one is on me! Just send me a note and write "online class" with the date, and I'll send you the link for the class. 

I really hope to see you there!! 

WOMEN: Join me!

On Tuesday, 9/13 at 12 pm when I join the Eileen Fisher Organization's Women Together to discuss "Empowering Women's Voices." You don't want to miss it! Sign up here.

Here is the recording for the June 23rd presentation. It will be available to watch for only 5 days. Watch it and tell me what you think! What would you like the next presentation or free group class to focus on?

Harness the Power of Your Voice


Make Your Voice Your Super Power

...and stop squandering what can and should be your greatest tool and resource for achieving greater confidence, clarity, professional success and well-being.

Register here.

Live event: Thursday, June 23 at 6:30 pm EST

with Participation and Q. & A.

Recording will be available for 2 days after and sent to registrants who can't attend the live class. However, I strongly encourage you to show up live. You will get a lot more out of the experience AND there will be some amazing "freebies" when you do!


Want to make your voice your super power?

You can. And you should.

In this FREE online session...

We'll start off with a basic lesson in how this "instrument" works, because, hey, some fundamentals are necessary if you want to play anything with any level of mastery.

I'll help you become aware of the major resonance chambers in your body and how you can make adjustments with these to shape just the sound you're looking for with your voice, depending on the job you want it to do!

Next, we'll talk about the mind-body-voice feedback loop, how tension distorts your sound, and how old stories get in the way of your ideal voice.

The I've had clients tell me "I don't sound confident because I don't FEEL confident." They've got it backwards. What people don't recognize is that your voice is the TOOL for CREATING confidence. More powerful than just power poses; by using voice, you are opening up the spaces WITHIN your body. You are connecting to your well-supported speaking breath (I'll show you how) and vibrating fully. These vibrations are felt internally and are experienced externally, by your listeners.

I also have clients who want a more flexible voice; one that is dynamic and expresses who you are and connects to the people who hear it, so that your message is heard and your impact is felt.

I truly believe that voice can be a major determinant to the quality and meaning of your life. By the end of our time together, I'll hope to have demonstrated and convinced you that your voice is a flexible instrument, and that when you recognize its capabilities, can become your most powerful asset, both in your personal and PROFESSIONAL life.

Agenda for the evening looks like this:

  • Your Voice: An awesome, miraculous instrument
  • The Main Resonance Chambers: Giving off good vibes
  • The Mind-Body-Voice Feedback Loop
  • Tension and Space
  • Old Stories
  • Flexibility, Dynamism, and Power

Sound good? It IS.

Join me. June 23, 2022 at 6:30 PM EST

You won't be disappointed.

Sign up here.

(If you register and can't make the live class, I will send you the replay, which will be available for two days.)


What is your voice telling people? Does it accurately and effectively convey your personal and professional brand?  

I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki on her wonderful podcast "Talk about Talk." We discussed voice and the powerful role it plays in our professional and personal lives.

Andrea also asked me about ways to cultivate a healthy, authentic, dynamic, and credible voice that is appropriate to your professional role AND ways to develop a more flexible voice that expresses the various aspects of your personality that make you, you.

I hope you'll give it a listen! And tell me what you think!

What are your experiences with your voice, the relationship you have to it, and the ways it impacts your career and life?

Judy :)

Are You VERY WARY of the "V" and "W" Sounds? Don't Be!

Are you a non-native English speaker who is challenged by the "v" and "w" sounds?

The sounds v, w and p, b, f can get a little confusing. If you're Russian, German, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Spanish... these sounds can be tricky!

Join me in my FREE online class where I break these sounds down, answer any questions you have specific to your challenges, and you will get some great English practice in!

**If you would like a FREE practice activity (pdf and audio) for the "w" and "v" sounds, contact me here.

Podcast with Mamie Kanfer Stewart

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Mamie Kanfer Stewart's terrific podcast The Modern Manager. Listen to our conversation about how to use your voice to communicate effectively and authentically at work.

Listen or read the key takeaways at

Below is the blog she wrote for the episode. You really should check her podcast and website out--she is a wonderful source of information and wisdom.

Maya Angelou put it perfectly when she said, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." In this one sentence, Maya captures the importance of how we communicate. Yet very few people have been trained to use their voice effectively.

I was delighted to speak with Judith Weinman about executive presence and the role of voice in communication. In Judy's words, executive presence is about showing up clear in your message, effectively using your voice to guide others. As a speech, voice, and communications trainer who helps individuals and corporations cultivate personal and professional communication skills, this is a topic Judy knows a lot about. Here, she guides us in simple ways to channel our breath in order to show up at work in a clear, persuasive, and authentic way.


People care about authenticity. If the words that come out of your mouth don't seem to be connected with your body and all of who you are, people instinctively don't trust you as much. We need to come across as grounded. The best way to do that is through the breath. We need to relax and breathe. When we relax, we open up constrictions in the body, and allow the breath to come through our entire body.

Judy suggests creating visual imagery of your breath literally moving through your body from the gut. Think of where it may be constricted and where you're holding tension. Judy finds that many people hold tension in their tongue, and tend to speak from the throat instead of the chest. In order to sound and feel more powerful, we need to open up that space. To practice, take a deep breath and say a few words, keeping your throat open.


Tone is primal for humans; we recognized tone and voice before we understood words and messages. Our brains read the tone and assign meaning to it. And if that tone contradicts the words, we trust the feeling conveyed by the tone. In this way, tone is thus more powerful for us than words.

In order to become more aware of your tone, consider feedback you receive from other people about how you speak. Pay attention to clues from how others respond to you to gauge how your tone is coming across. For example, if you end sentences on a high note, you may sound uncertain about what you're saying.

Managers need to develop a flexibility of voice, knowing which to use in different circumstances. You can practice this by trying different tones, such as authoritative or supportive, and noticing how it feels in your body to speak in that way.


We may put pressure on ourselves to speak fluidly, using perfect sentences, but that's counterproductive. Humans think in phrases and clauses. Perfect sentences that sound as if they were written are actually harder for us to comprehend orally. Instead, allow yourself the time to think by slowing down, and speaking naturally.

When we hold onto our breath, words tumble out quickly which can signify a lack of confidence or nerves. Instead, let the breath lead; make sure to pause, allow yourself to breathe, then say the next thought. In this way, the words you say also connect with your whole being.

One setting where pacing is particularly important is meetings. When you prepare adequately, you focus on gauging people's reactions rather than worrying about what you'll say. By paying attention to what they need clarification on and adapting your message as you go along, you're more likely to facilitate a productive conversation.


When we're nervous, we make ourselves physically smaller. Women especially tend to do this. It creates a feedback loop of how the body, breath, voice, and mind interact negatively with each other. That is why doing "power poses" to take up more room is one way of disrupting that unhelpful loop (even if they feel a little ridiculous.)

Judith suggests also being aware of opening up the chest rather than having it cave it. In addition, we can be aware of opening up the throat, loosening the jaw, and becoming aware of where we hold tension in the body. When we focus on what we can do to feel better within ourselves, we stop being as concerned with the outer response. This confidence comes across when we speak from this place.


If you notice that some of your employees could use better communication skills, approach the subject delicately. Make sure the discussion comes from a supportive place of believing in their potential, and the success they could achieve if only they could communicate better. Be conscious that equity may be a factor; those who received a poor education or one that did not include speaking skills are often embarrassed to bring it up.

We worry so much about what we say and then disregard how much the way we say it impacts our team. In order to build trust, work on connecting your body with your breath. Take time to ground yourself so that you come across as authentic. And learn how to pace your words so that you speak in easily understood phrases rather than complex sentences or half-thoughts. Mindfulness of the body isn't just a nice concept. It's a way to bring us closer to our teams to be heard and respected.

--You can connect with Mamie in all of these places:

  • Twitter: @mamieKS
  • LinkedIn: @Mamie Kanfer Stewart and @The Modern Manager
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram: @mamieKS


Listen to the interview I did with Laura Camacho on her terrific podcast Speak Up. Laura is an executive coach, trainer, and speaker. We talked about accent and voice. Give a listen!

E 132: The Surprising Impact Of Accents & Voice with Judith Weinman 

35 min. Welcome to the Speak Up with Laura Camacho podcast. This is the place where you get encouragement and tools to say what needs to be said. Be the leader who moves things forward. Listen in as Laura asks daring questions to voice and communication coach, Judith Weinman, founder of Accent on Speech. We discuss so many aspects of accent and voice that relate to how you are perceived as a leader. Listen to learn actionable insights to sound more confident like: 

- What to do when you have an accent and are meeting someone for the first time. 

- A powerful voice exercise to meet the needs of any communication situation 

- How accent and voice affect perceptions of you as a leader 

- Speak and present more confidently online

Survey: Let me know (in the message space): What are your greatest communication challenges at work? How do you deal with them? I'd love to learn from you and share your responses, along with my feedback, with others.

I once had a client who said, "The moment you open up your mouth to speak, all of your business is out in the street." What he meant is that our voices, as well as the way we speak, reveal volumes and create strong and immediate perceptions in the minds of our listeners. Signals are transmitted regarding... our background, education,...

Is Greater Acceptance For Communication Differences Becoming the "Norm?"
I think so... and it's about freakin' time.

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