Join me on February 4th at 6:30 pm for a practice session focusing on one of the trickiest sounds for many non-native English speakers-the "th" sound. I'll show you how it's produced, and then we'll practice together-at whatever level you're at.

We'll practice linking the sound in connected speech to both vowels and consonants, and I'll show you some cool tricks that you may not be aware of that will help you produce this sound SO much easier.
We'll use it in some of the words and phrases you say "all THE time"-the, they, them, there, those... and then we'll practice it in some semi-structured exercises and fun conversation.
I'll also talk about the two different "the" sounds and how you can nail them.
If there is time left over, I will answer any and all of your English speaking related questions... they can be about sounds, intonation, voice, how to practice, mindset... anything.

Hope you can join!

Survey: Let me know (in the message space) what your greatest communication challenges at work are, as an individual team member or leader. How do you deal with them? I'd love to learn from you and share your responses with others in my next blog.

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