Enhance Your Professional Image

Through developing voice, speech and executive presence

Why it's crazy NOT to invest in your voice, speech and communication skills

Clear spoken and written communication is critical for individual and team success in business. The ability to streamline a message according to the listeners' needs is an invaluable skill.

And, if the research is accurate--that the sound of your voice alone is more than twice as influential as the meaning of the words you are speaking, it just seems crazy not to invest in it.

Think about it; two people can deliver the same words, yet cast entirely different impressions in the hearts and minds of their listeners.

Speaking and communicating well is not only critical to your brand and your image, professionally. What my clients know is that it goes beyond that. The personal gains and growth a person reaps through developing your communication skills can be profound and truly game-changing.

Whether your specific issue(s) involve public speaking, job interviews, vocabulary upgrade, intercultural communication, small talk, or overcoming mental barriers, getting the right help and assistance with the perfectly tailored program for you gives you the skillset needed to improve your professional and personal well-being. There just is no surer return on your investment than in developing your communication skills.

  • Are you sending the message you intend?

  • Does your communication style convey competence and confidence?  

  • Can you command a space with your voice?

  • Are you clear and succinct in your message?

  • Does your voice have a pleasing quality that makes people want to listen?

Those are just a few questions to ask yourself when considering whether you are making the impact you intend in your professional life. If you talk fast, speak at too low a volume, or have a voice that lacks dynamism, you need to consider addressing these success-impeding issues. You might not even be aware of how the way you're speaking and sounding is impacting the way others connect and respond to you. Tapping into and cultivating your potential as a communicator and a professional is a game changer; I've seen it many times over with my clients over the years. Promotions, raises, and a greater sense of well-being don't come from staying stuck in old habits and stories. Call for a free consultation to find out about creating the perfect program to address your needs. I promise you'll be glad you did!

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