Voice Training and Speech Improvement For A Better You

Improve Communication Skills to Empower Your Voice

Your voice is your calling card. Research shows that as much as 90% of a first impression is based on posture, facial expressions, appearance, and tone of voice. Do you want to listen to this person? Are you interested in hearing what they have to say? Do you want to do business with them? Voice training is practical. You will experience the change in your voice and the way you feel about yourself. Here are some questions to ask yourself to find out if you would benefit from voice and speech training.

  • How do you rate your communication skills?
  • Are you a confident speaker?
  • Do you convey your intended message clearly and effectively?
  • Are you able to structure what you want to say?
  • Is your voice small, shrill, or too nasal? Is it difficult for you to be heard in a group setting?
  • Do you talk too fast? Too loud? 
  • Have you been told that you need to speak up or that you mumble?
  • Do your sentences trail off? Do you use vocal fry?
  • Do you speak with an accent or regional dialect that you feel may be holding you back or creating limitations for yourself?
  • Do people respond in ways that you would like after hearing you speak?

Learn simple techniques that will empower your voice. If vocal energy is weak, it will show in your speech. Control of breath, volume, quality and mental attitude all contribute to your being an effective speaker. Voice and speech modification work is effective and practical.


You can work either individually or in a group, depending on your needs and preferences. Programs are highly specialized.

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