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JOIN ME LIVE  free  April 15th at 6:00 pm EST

Ask me your most pressing questions regarding speech, voice, professional communication skills, or accent.

Have trouble projecting your voice online or in person? Need advice for habitual fast talking? Mumbling? Need some tips for creating a more resonant voice; one that is clear, sounds confident, credible and authoritative? Help with controlling nervous energy while speaking? Intonation issues regarding Standard American English? A particular sound or pattern??

Let me know! I'll provide you with the key information that I think will help YOU, and we'll work on it a little together online so that you get some immediate feedback and some takeaway to start addressing the issue.

You can text in your questions during the meeting-or, better yet, send me your questions ahead of time, and I will address as many as I can, time permitting.

Take advantage of a good (and free) opportunity to work on some self-development. Consider it a little therapy in the midst of a very trying time. Other people often experience and share the same issues as you, and would love to gain information and hear discussion that they find helpful and relatable.

What have you got to lose? If your answer is "Absolutely nothing. I'd love to join!" contact me,  and I will reach out to you and also connect you with the Zoom meeting invitation link.

Talk soon. Can't wait!

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