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If it's true that 85% of professional success comes from soft skills and people skills (according to Stanford University, Carnegie foundation and Harvard), then maybe this is the perfect time to work on developing that 85%!

A lot of my clients spend a great deal of time improving their "meeting skills." While it is absolutely critical to know how best to lead and contribute to a dialogue (a topic for another blog), a lot of companies have been re-thinking the whole meeting format.

I recently read an article about the voices of the apps Headspace and Calm. The experts consulted for that article reiterated what makes a voice effective in "putting people in the zone." One, the director of research and innovation at Brown University's Mindfulness Center, said, "The content obviously is important, but I think the tone, cadence,...

Every client who comes to my office is seeking some sort of change. They come because there is some aspect of their communication style that is impacting their life negatively. Oftentimes, it is for professional reasons; they come independently or are sent by supervisors or HR because it becomes apparent that their communication style is preventing...

One of the reasons we struggle with speaking a language different from our native tongue is simply that we don't sound like ourselves. The sounds, sound patterns, and music of our first language have shaped our perceptions of the world. We come to associate our speaking patterns with our identities. It feels phony and unnatural to produce strange...

I recently worked with a young Japanese American actor who needed an authentic Japanese accent for a role in a film. Being 3rd generation American, he had little knowledge of Japanese or its sound system. I will share with you some of the things we worked on.

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