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Many Satisfied Relationships 

Dmitry Doronin

Founding Engineer @ Smartrr

Speech, Voice, Accent

Judy is the best communications trainer I've ever met. I took sessions w/ Judy to correct my pronunciation and intonation issues. She designed a unique individual program that helped me to gradually improve problematic sounds. I was impressed by Judy's talent to hear small sound features that could make a big difference in how you are perceived as a speaker. With Judy's help I have gained confidence and control over my voice. I would recommend Judy to everyone who wants to improve the quality of speech, gain confidence or become a more dynamic speaker.

Rosa M.

Lead Change Consultant, Branding

Speech, Voice, Accent

"Ms. Weinman is a highly talented, knowledgeable and patient speech development coach. She is also an extraordinary listener and a keen observer. This fact is essential in the way she works. During her training sessions, she understands the importance of treating each client as an individual, tailoring her approach to each client's needs.

She was always jam packed with great information, reading materials and practice resources to make our meetings dynamic and engaging. She gives you tools to use on a daily basis, which also helps you to have and see immediate results. Along this process, in addition, you also learn the linguistic reasoning behind her corrections, which ultimately, is crucial to assimilate effective communication skills. When you are with her, time flies and you leave the class with a smile, highly motivated, confident and empowered.

I would highly recommend Ms. Judith Weinman to all individuals and companies who take the quality of communication and the care of their service seriously."

Masimba T.

United Nations

Speech, Voice, Accent

"I would recommend Judy to anyone without the slightest hint of hesitation. She is strongly committed to her work and spares no effort in encouraging and inspiring her students to perform better. In the future, whenever I feel I'm losing what I had learned from her, I would again, without hesitation, schedule refresher sessions with her. I always felt she was going out of her way to make sure I got the most out of the speech sessions.

On several occasions when I couldn't make it to a session, she offered to come to my office."

Aris S. 6/23/19


Speech, Voice, Accent

I had ten excellent sessions with Judith. Before our first session I sent her a long tape of a reading she had provided me. At the first session she had my evaluation ready with a customized plan to work on my trouble sounds. Over time she pointed out the areas that I needed to practice most and provided a customized text to read and practice. She is really good at it and with practice she can help anyone improve their accents. My sessions were sponsored by my employer and i will to ask for more, and if I get approval the sessions will be only Judith. Aris S.

Andre L.

Software executive

Vocal presence, executive communication skills

Judy is a one-in-a-billion find. She knows her stuff like nobody and she insists that you make progress and achieve your goals, supporting you every step of the way. My sessions with her were incredibly insightful and her ability to address an issue nuanced, specific and... brilliant. Not to mention that they flew by. She really listens--and cares. 

The changes I felt in myself and the ways people now respond to me are profound. I can now say that I am a confident, effective communicator, and I am comfortable in pretty much any situation. Never would I thought I'd be saying that.

Thank you for this gift.

Audrey 6/5/19

Mother of child client for speech therapy

"Thank you so much Judy!!! I can say I have been truly blessed to have had a great therapist help with Jace.

Thank you for the update! I ask him everyday what he went over with you during his therapy session...

Again thank you so much for all your hard work with my son, I can't express to you in words how much we appreciate your hard work in trying to help Jace achieve his goals with his speech.

PS -- I love that game and will try it at home over the weekend!"

Joy P.

Ernst & Young Executive

Executive presence, profl. communication skills, presentations

"Thank you so much, Judy! I was chosen for the position, and I don't think I could have done it without your wide-ranging help! I am a more dynamic and confident speaker (and professional) now; the editing of my writing and help with my video--from theme, organization, production, and style was invaluable. The sessions with you were educational, enlightening, nurturing, and inspiring. I feel very lucky to have had the good fortune of choosing you. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone who wants to up their professional game or just be better, overall!"


Banking Professional

Accent, executive presence, confidence

"I thought after 12 years of living in the United States my accent would be gone, yet people were still asking me to repeat myself. Judy's program not only helped me to understand how to correctly make the sounds I had been mispronouncing, but also how to improve my intonation and voice projection. I feel 1000% more confident now when doing presentations or speaking on the phone. I should have gone years ago..."

Dr. K.

Neurologist and Lecturer

Presenting, dynamism, voice

"This was one of the most interesting trainings I've ever received. It helped me in my speech tremendously, but also in ways I was not expecting. A wonderful investment! We will stay in touch."

Andrea P.

Voice-over artist

"Judy can do any accent and teach it and teach you how to change your voice in ways I wasn't even aware I was capable of doing! She is an outstanding, gifted teacher with very broad knowledge and experience. Every session with her was interesting, fun, enlightening, and so helpful. I think I've expanded my repertoire by 20X and feel like I can do pretty much any job with confidence, and perhaps a few more sessions! These classes are an investment that will continue to pay off in spades.


Ph.D. Student in Business

Voice, confidence, presence

"This space is too small to write a testimonial for a person like Judy Weinman. She is an amazing person who is dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate in her field of study.

Every coaching session with her is fun and informative; she is very approachable and is always willing to go above and beyond to help you understand things. I learned a lot from Judy's coaching and would highly recommend her for all your language and other speech related concerns."

Ben Q.

Speaking regarding college-aged granddaughter, visiting U.S. from Korea, working on accent reduction

"Hi, Judy, My profound apology for belated reply!

I have been heavily engaged in a number of cases, although that makes an inadequate excuse in light of your superb work done for Heeju. She has changed! Thanking you infinitely for what you have done for Heeju.

With all my warmest regards,"

Elham M. 5/22/19

Bank executive

Accent, voice, executive presence

Judith is an excellent teacher. She is really good at understanding each and every accents and the required areas of improvement. She customizes her teaching materials and techniques based on your requirement after the assessment. She devotes great amount of personal effort and interest in your learning process and how you progress. She really cares about her students. Judith helped me to improve my accent, presentation skills and voice intonation. Now I can speak in public or meeting with full confidence. Judith is also very kind and enjoys teaching, which gives you a positive energy and motivates you to learn faster. I'm grateful for her support and highly recommend her. Regards, Elham


IT entrepreneur

Presenting, voice, speech

"Judy, the experience working with you has been invaluable. Your very personalized, warm, caring approach is rare. Your knowledge, insight, and talent for guiding me in reaching my goals was inspiring.

After taking this program with you, I am so much better well-equipped to take chances, accept speaking offers, lead, and inspire others. The nagging issues that had been with me for so long regarding my communication and personal style were so expertly and professionally addressed, and with such humanity.

I thank you, and am grateful, indeed."

Michelle A.

Mother of child for speech therapy

"Hello, Ms. Weinman. As we get ready for the new school year, I'm finally getting around to writing you a note that I've been meaning to write since the end of last school year. I wanted to thank you for all the great work you did with and for Noah. You were so attentive and dedicated. I wish you could have remained his therapist, and I can only hope his next one will be as competent and invested as you. Thanks again."

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