Group Classes, Private Sessions, Online Sessions 

Programs are highly specialized. You can work either individually or in a group, depending on your needs and preferences.


For Accent: Address the sounds and issues that are most important and relevant to the participants in the group. Consonant, vowel, and stress and intonation issues are a part of every group class.

Professional Communication Skills/Executive Coaching: Various issues related to participants' needs are taught, practiced, and reinforced, all in a supportive environment.


Private programs are tailored to suit the speech, voice, and all other communication goals and needs of an individual. You will be HIGHLY supported throughout the duration of your program, with weekly (typically) sessions and communication/feedback between. Sessions can take place at my office in Chelsea, your place of business, or my home office in Upper Manhattan.


All sessions can take place through Zoom or other teleconferencing methods. Arrange your sessions according to your schedule. Print and audio materials, as well as video will be sent directly to you.

Ways to Work With Me and Pricing

1. # of sessions, as described above.

Single individual 60-minute sessions

Complete Evaluation for executive communications training--$480   For accent--$525

*Not every program requires a full evaluation. Some just require a meeting and sometimes a speech screener.

*12-session programs  *This is the most popular program, with one session weekly, and support between sessions. Sessions can be taken weekly or bi-weekly or broken up to best suit your schedule and needs.

6-session programs and other arrangements can be made as well.

for executive communication coaching or accent reduction classes         


During the course of your program, I provide answers to questions, advice, feedback on videos or recordings, edits on emails or reports, support in habit-changing strategies, accountability check-ins and overall support in reaching your goals. Your sessions can be divided how you would like: For example, you might schedule a 30-minute session before a presentation, a 60-minute session on a lighter work day, and another 30-minute session... You will be highly supported. 

**I use a sliding scale in some cases, based on the circumstances, so please contact me if you have questions. (Also applies to certain organizations and group programs)

*Accent may also address voice, grammar, vocabulary, writing, cultural communication differences.

*Executive communications training may also address some accent issues.

Executive communication coaching addresses any number of issues, including: improving leading and participating in meetings, presenting, 1:1 conversations with clients, co-workers or superiors; overall executive presence, dealing with nerves; addressing old stories, habits and habitual tensions that sabotage your communication and ability to connect; voice and vocal development; speech and dynamic speaking; writing of emails and reports, and the unique concerns and needs of the individual.

A program begins with either a consultation or a comprehensive evaluation, upon which a tailored program plan is created.

 If your company is covering the cost, a copy will be sent to them, as well. No two programs are the same, as they are highly individualized and tailored. 


Group classes and workshops are offered several times a year. They are announced on the accent group class page and on the "News and Events" page here on my website, as well as through my social media (Mainly LinkedIn).

Companies and teams may contact me directly for information on consulting programs, group classes, 1:1s, workshops, or presentations/keynotes on the following topics, as well as others. Workshops are tailored to suit the unique needs of the organization.

Enhancing Executive Presence 

How To Make Your Voice Your Super Power

Empowering The Voice For Women

Speak English Like You Own It!

and many others... See my LinkedIn page for more.


For Accent-Related Group Classes:

LEVEL 1 (Non-Native English Speakers): Establish a strong foundation in the sounds and patterns of American English. Cultural style differences in communication may also be addressed.

LEVEL 2:  Continue to expand upon your mastery of sounds, intonation patterns, vocal delivery, and confidence through conversation and presentation.  Each participant will have specific goals, individual feedback and carryover "assignments."

Accent Classes Include

  • Audio and print materials, as well as personalized MP3s that address each group member's difficult sounds and words (for accent). 
  • Weekly feedback (between sessions) to make sure you are on the right track.
  • Opportunity to practice new skills through engaging activities, conversation, role-play, and presenting.
  • Improved sense of confidence in your speaking abilities!

You can expect to finish your program with a greater sense of confidence in yourself and your communicative abilities. Recommendations for continued improvement and practice are provided, and  follow-ups to check up on your progress are a part of every program.

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