Group Classes, Private Sessions and Online Sessions Available

Programs are highly specialized. You can work either individually or in a group, depending on your needs and preferences.


For Accent: Address the sounds and issues that are most important to the participants in the group. Consonant, vowel, and stress and intonation issues are a part of every group class.

Professional Communication Skills: Various issues related to participants' needs are taught, practiced, and reinforced, all in a supportive atmosphere.


Private programs are very individualized. A course is designed based on the particular needs of the client. Sessions can take place at your place of business, online, my office in Chelsea, or my home office in Upper Manhattan.


All sessions can take place through Zoom or other teleconferencing methods. Arrange your sessions according to your schedule. Print and audio materials will be sent directly to you.

LEVEL 1: Establish a strong foundation in the sounds and patterns of American English.

LEVEL 2:  Continue to expand upon your mastery of sounds, intonation patterns, vocal delivery, and confidence through conversation and presentation. (You don't need to be a non-native speaker for this class.) Each participant will have specific goals, individual feedback and carryover "assignments."

Classes Include

  • Audio and print materials, as well as personalized MP3s that address each group member's difficult sounds and words.
  • Weekly feedback (between sessions) to make sure you are on the right track.
  • Opportunity to practice new skills through engaging activities, like reading aloud, conversation, and role-play.
  • Improved sense of confidence in your speaking abilities!

You can expect to finish your program with a greater sense of confidence in yourself and your communicative abilities. Recommendations for continued study and practice are provided, and several follow-ups to check up on your progress are also a part of every program.

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