Empowering The Voice for Women

These workshops and sessions are for women 

who want to use their voices more dynamically, comfortably and powerfully.

The workshops can be adapted as an informational/interactive group session, or as a series of classes that meet once weekly for 5 or more sessions. Individual programs are available, as well. 

If you feel that old speaking habits are getting in the way or preventing you from sounding the way you want to sound, do something about it. Everyone talks about upspeak and glottal fry, but there are other issues. Many women, and people in general, speak using only a small part of their voices, more from the throat, and less from the diaphragm. Depth, resonance, and ultimately, presence, cannot be effectively cultivated if you are not speaking with your whole body and being. Connect to your message, speak using your whole self, and discover a better way to be and communicate.  

If you feel that your input or ideas are not being recognized or taken seriously, or if you have a hard time being heard in a group setting, this is a good class for you. If you feel that strategic opportunities at work are missed because of poor first impressions, you might want to consider how your voice plays a part. Develop your voice, and you will discover what you've had, all along!

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