Learn Accents and Dialects

Learning a new accent to add to a repertoire is a great idea for actors

Actors working on specific accents for roles or auditions can be coached to understand the sound pattern changes, intonation differences, and vocal characteristics of various accents. The process is the same as when learning to speak with a Standard American Accent. Individual sounds and elements are addressed, practiced, and then used in dialogue. Spontaneous speaking exercises are used to reinforce the "feeling" of the speech, and to develop a comfort level and familiarity that comes across naturally.

Learn a Standard American English accent for auditions and roles, or any dialect/accent. Specialties include Received Pronunciation, the various sub-types of British–Southeast British, Northern England, Cockney, etc., Welsh, Scottish, and Irish... the various accents of Australia... Canadian, various Southern accents, New England accent... Israeli, German, Russian... If you give me a regional dialect, I can learn it easily and teach it to you, and apply the sounds and speech patterns to the distinct character you're playing.

My experience working with actors, and my own experience in performing and singing, coupled with my extensive knowledge of the sound systems and dialects/accents of various regions, make me extremely qualified to train you for your next audition or role. I also have been a natural mimic since I was born, so, maybe I was meant to do this! I am available to work at my office (in Chelsea) or on set/location.

I'll teach you the sound system of the dialect you're learning, breaking it down by vowels, consonants, and rhythm/flow/intonation patterns. We'll apply those rules to your script until you have mastered it. Training will help you to embody your character even more fully, and the sounds will happen naturally, allowing you to be fully present in the acting moment.

Rates for private dialect coaching at my office or by Zoom/teleconferencing vary, depending upon what you need to accomplish, how quickly you need it, and whether you pay for sessions individually or prepay for a package of six sessions. Additional fees may apply for travel. Please contact me for specific information about your needs.

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