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Judith Weinman, MA/SLP-CCC, TSHH

Accent On Speech trains people to become better, more effective communicators. Judith has worked with a variety of companies and organizations, including Bloomberg, BTG, Merrill Lynch, IBM, Palmolive, Bank of China, HSBC, Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYU Business School, Columbia Business and Engineering Departments, the U.N., Ernst & Young, Thomson Reuters, among others. Judith started working in New York City as a speech-language pathologist in 1993, where she worked extensively with diverse populations and communication issues, including accent, voice, and stuttering, as well as language and speech delays/disorders. Her business for the past 12 years has focused on improving communication skills for professionals seeking to be more successful in their business and personal lives. She works with individuals, corporations, and other organizations to improve speaking, voice and overall communication skills.

With a background that includes a B.A. in linguistics and an M.A. in speech and communication sciences, she is a member of CorSpan (Corporate Speech Pathology Network), VASTA (Voice And Speech Trainers Assoc.), and ASHA. In addition to voice, public speaking, acting, and movement, Judith also has a teacher training certificate for singing from New York Vocal Coaching Studio, and occasionally sings at various venues in NYC (not so much lately, with Covid). She has a strong interest in the mind/body/voice connection. On the business side, she's taken over 40 courses relating to organizational communication skills, strategic human resources, leadership, and the like--a fascination discovered later in life!

She feels fortunate to absolutely love what she does for a living and for the opportunity it allows to continually grow and learn through the remarkable people she works with.  Her approach is holistic and focuses on the needs of the unique individual to improve professional and personal communication skills. The approach stems from insights and knowledge gained through years of experience in working with professionals of various backgrounds as well as science, theory, practicality and creative intuition, which is what makes it effective. She gives her all to every single client. In person, she usually refrains from referring to herself in the third person.

December 16th, 2020. Here is a little workshop I did on accents--what they are, why we have them, why they're hard to change, and how to go about changing one (all in one hour :I ). Let me know your thoughts--on accent, speech, or what you would like the next video to be about. I'd love to hear from you!

November 19, 2020. Low tech, but here is my latest talk on communication, speech, and voice.;)

*Free download for stress and intonation/dynamic speech: print and audio. This is ideal for non-native speakers, but my native speaking clients find it very helpful, as well.

*Free download for stress and intonation/dynamic speech

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