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Accent On Speech works with individuals and companies and offers: executive coaching, accent modification, strengthening team dynamics, making diverse workplaces more effective, voice training, speech therapy, stuttering, public speaking, performance anxiety, and other communication-related issues.

Each program starts with a consultation or complete evaluation and is highly tailored to suit the individual, team or company.

We have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals in gaining promotions, acing interviews, personal and professional self-development, enhanced confidence and well-being, and improving overall work performance.

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Judith Weinman, MA/SLP-CCC, TSHH

Welcome! My company, Accent On Speech, is devoted to helping companies, organizations, and individuals become masterful speakers and communicators. I come from the premise that each individual is unique and has talents, skills, and attributes that can be cultivated and strengthened in becoming better, stronger, more effective and powerful communicators in whatever contexts they operate within. Clear, comfortable, confident speech and messaging is the bedrock for creating the impression and impact necessary for a company or individual's success.

A little bit about me... I started working in New York City as a speech-language pathologist in 1993, where I worked extensively with diverse populations and communication issues, including accent, voice, and stuttering, as well as language and speech delays/disorders. For the past 20 years, my business has focused on improving communication skills for professionals seeking to climb the corporate ladder and be more successful in their businesses and personal lives. 

Over the years, I have worked with individuals and groups from companies and organizations including Bloomberg, Citi, IBM, Ernst & Young, BTG, Merrill Lynch, Palmolive, Bank of China, Thomson Reuters, HSBC, Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYU Business School, Columbia Business and Engineering Departments, and the U.N., among others. I have worked with speakers from ALLOVER the world and am familiar with the accent and speech patterns of almost every language and dialect! I can hear you speak a line and tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to improve your English speaking. I also understand very well the psychological components that go along with speaking a new language within a different culture. 

I've worked with professionals from every industry, from engineers and world-class scientists to entrepreneurs of all ilk, and CEOs of large companies... to name a few. I've also worked with several politicians, people in the clergy, singers and Broadway and film actors.

My background includes a B.A. in linguistics and an M.A. in speech/language therapy, and I am also a member of CorSpan (Corporate Speech Pathology Network), VASTA (Voice And Speech Trainers Association), and ASHA. In addition to voice, public speaking, acting, and movement, I have a teacher training certificate for singing from New York Vocal Coaching Studio, and occasionally sing at various venues in NYC. I have a strong interest in the mind/body/voice connection. On the business side, I've taken over 40 courses relating to organizational psychology, strategic human resources, leadership, and the like--a fascination discovered later in life!

I feel so fortunate for the opportunity my job, which is my life's work and passion, allows me to continually grow and learn through remarkable people I have the privilege of working with. My approach is holistic and focuses on the whole person and their unique communication needs. This approach stems from insights and knowledge gained through years of experience working with professionals of various backgrounds, as well as science, psychology, the performing arts, and practicality and creative intuition, making it uniquely effective. I truly give my all to every single client or group. My offerings include 1:1 programs, group classes, workshops and keynotes. Connect with me if you'd like to schedule a free consultation or talk about a program for you or your company!

*Free download for stress and intonation/dynamic speech: print and audio. This is ideal for non-native speakers, but my native speaking clients find it very helpful, as well.

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