Online class/Subscription

Online class/Subscription


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Your Voice and Speech: Becoming Masterful

The next class will be on 9/7/22 at 4:00 pm EST

Sign up below: Tell me the dates you plan on joining in the your note OR which subscription you are interested in.

This is a bi-monthly online class for improving and enhancing your voice and speaking skills. We're taking August off, so the next one will be on 9/7/22 at 4 pm EST. 

The classes in this program address issues people come to me most frequently with, in addition to whatever problems or topics the unique participants of the class raise, want more information on, or practice with. 

Every class will start with a short voice or speech warm-up, then a lesson on a specific voice or speech issue, which will be announced ahead of time. Even if the particular issue is not one of yours, I guarantee you will learn something valuable that you can apply to your own speaking. You are then welcome to practice any skill you are working on and receive feedback. So, if you'd like to bring part of a speech, or a practice dialogue, delivering meeting minutes... or anything else, bring it! You can also send it to me ahead of time, along with your goals, so that I can prepare even more effectively for what you are looking to achieve. In addition, I'll provide carryover practice for the skills that have been addressed in the class. 

Some of the issues and topics will include:

  • 7/13/22  Um, uh, so... Getting rid of those pesky filler words 
  • 7/28/22  Happy trails... How to stop your voice from trailing off 
  • 9/7/22  Do I sound nasal? Creating a well-balanced voice 
  • 9/24/22  Credibility: Speaking with a voice people LISTEN to
  • 10/7/22  Up-speak, glottal fry, and fast speech, oh my: Addressing various speaking habits
  • 10/19/22  FREEZE: How to handle nerves when it comes to speaking or presenting
  • Wake up, listeners! How to develop a more dynamic, interesting voice
  • What did you say? How to speak with greater clarity so you're never asked to repeat yourself (especially helpful for people with accents).
  • Finding the right voice for the job: developing a greater vocal range
  • Ask Me Anything: These sessions will allow participants to receive feedback and practice on ANY issue.

You REALLY should pop in to see how this class may benefit you. I'm banking that this is the most affordable, practical, and beneficial real-life help and training you could possibly receive for improving your speech and communication skills.

You can buy online courses, listen to podcasts, and read books... but without real practice and personalized guidance, you aren't really going to make significant gains, and if you do, it will take you 10X longer, cost you twice the aggravation and frustration, and won't be as meaningful. It's also an wonderful opportunity to meet some great people. Did I mention, you might just have some fun along the way, as well?!

This truly is a no-brainer if you're at all interested in self-improvement, establishing a greater sense of well-being in your life, and enhancing your chances for professional success. If you took these classes privately with me, you'd be paying... well, let's just say a lot more. Here, it's almost like getting a free program. The subscription is also a fantastic way to keep practicing if you have taken a 1:1 with me or if you want to keep practicing and you want to stay connected to the wonderful folks you've met in your small group class! A lot of people request this, and I'm so glad I'm finally doing it. :)


The bi-monthly (2 classes per month) class prices break down like this:

A subscription for 6 months comes to $20 per class. (240)

A subscription for 4 months comes to $25 per class. (200)

A subscription for 3 months comes to $30 per class. (180)

A subscription for 2 months comes to $35 per class. (140)

A single class costs $39.

Subscription benefits:  At each class, all participants can join in and participate. If you sign up for at least a 3-month subscription, you will have access to the recordings for all the classes. The link for the class is sent to you ahead of time. You'll receive awesome support from me and from the other group members. A subscription is THE way to go if you want to make consistent progress in reaching your goals because each week, you'll have the opportunity to fine-tune the skills you are working on. Also, you may have several related goals you'd like to address, so the consecutive sessions build on themselves.

--Even if you're only able to attend one of the sessions per month with the subscription, it's still a steal of a deal and you'll have access to the recordings. Finally, ** If you have even a 3-month subscription, you can schedule 1:1 sessions at the price of $150. This is almost half the price of an individual session taken without a subscription.

Attend one class at a time: If you choose to attend a single session, contact me at least 48 hours before the class so I can send you the link. Payment must be made at the same time (see below and my contact page for payment options.)

The prices for the classes will go up in December, so if you're loving it--and I'm pretty sure you will ;), I highly suggest you kick in the subscription price before then. I'll remind you ahead of time.

The best payment option for me is Venmo, where I am: @Judith--Weinman

Zelle Chase QuickPay is also an option: I'm at:

You can also use the Paypal link on my contact page if those don't work for you.

The times for the classes will change and vary, to accommodate different people's schedules and time zones. 

So get ready to hear comments like:

"Wow, you've got a great voice!

Gosh, how did she suddenly become so confident?

Dang, I want to sound like him!"

Are you ready for all that adulation? 😍

Don't worry--I'll send a few reminders before each class, but I will never flood your email box.

Sign up below.

Class dates and time schedule for September and October: All times are EST. Don't forget to mark your calendars!

9/7/22 4 pm

9/24/22 11 am

10/7/22 12:30 pm

10/19/22 2 pm 


Preferred: Venmo: @Judith--Weinman       /        Zelle Chase QuickPay: