Accent on Speech
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When people say "Speak from the gut" or "Trust your gut," they are advising their listener to trust their instinct or "inner voice." There really is a lot of wisdom in those words, in many ways.

Many of my Indian, German, Chinese, Korean, Middle Eastern and other clients find the "w" sound in English to be especially challenging. The advice I give is this:

Sing it! Now hear me out- I'm not saying you should serenade your department with the results of the last quarter's earnings. But- singing your speech can actually be an excellent strategy for improving all aspects of your vocal delivery.

When the English tongue we speak.
Why is break not rhymed with freak? Will you tell me why it's true
We say sew but likewise few?

A nice hot cup of tea is comforting, but even after you remove the caffeine, the lemon, and the honey or sugar, you're still left with a problem: the heat. The temperature of a fluid affects the tissue it comes in contact with. Heat causes blood vessels to dilate (open up), allowing the liquid portion of the blood to leak...

Frequently the first question people ask when they come to my office is "Can I really change my voice?" or "Is it really possible to change the way I talk?" The answer I typically offer is, "You absolutely can- with good instruction and diligent practice."

One of the greatest boons of having a pet is that it allows one to talk to oneself. Since we're the first hearers of our own voice, the vocal endearments we lavish on our pet grace our own ears too. Having a pet and petting it activates a loving voice that cossets not just the pet but also its owner. (Karpf)...