Do You Feel Supported At Work?


Do you feel supported at work?
It's Your Responsibility, Too!

If you aren't comfortable with your communication style, the way you speak, or your voice or if you have a strong accent that affects clarity-or mainly your comfort and confidence, it most likely will affect your professional performance, as well as overall well-being. Communication abilities and style are mental health and diversity issues, and these, more than ever, are recognized as critical and relevant areas that need to be addressed by companies, their leaders and HR.

If you don't feel supported at your workplace or by your team's HR, do something bold: be accountable and speak up about it. It takes courage to reveal an insecurity and ask for help; but the only way for change to happen is if we talk about issues that are important to us. Ask your company L&D, DEI, or HR people for the extra help you seek. They should know that supported employees are happier, more productive, and much more likely to stay with a company and go on to be promoted to new positions (saving them money, in the long run). Investing in employees makes sense economically and ethically.

So, ask for it. Advocate for yourself and help make these conversations more common.

If you want help with your communication skills and you're confused about ways to address it, reach out to me. I've been known to write a persuasive letter or two to get companies to cover my clients' programs/professional development costs. It's all a team effort. :)