Your Voice Impacts EVERYTHING


Your  V o i c e  Impacts EVERYTHING

The way you speak and use your voice has a direct impact on how you FEEL. It can affect not only your current mood and state of mind, but the longer term feelings and attitudes you hold about yourself and your identity...

AND, of course, it plays an enormous role in the way the world responds to you.

The facts...

The moment you open up your mouth to speak, you are announcing to the world-literally sending out vibrations, who you are and how you perceive yourself. You're also telling people how they should respond to you. In about 30 seconds (some studies say 5 seconds) people are coming to their own conclusions about you. Are you credible? Trustworthy? An authority on your topic that should be listened to?

The question to ask yourself:

Are you sending signals that align with how you see yourself, as well as how you wish to be seen?

Your impact has so much to do with HOW you present your thoughts and ideas, and I promise you, there are messages you are sending in your voice or speaking style that operate under the radar, influencing your overall impact.

If there are 5 layers of "stuff" to get through in order for your true voice to be heard, your listeners are really only getting a part of you. You're shortchanging them and yourself.

Subtle and not so subtle vocal and speaking habits can have a huge impact on your success in forming and maintaining relationships, both personally and in your professional life, as well as on your overall well-being.

Issues like... talking too fast, mumbling, speaking in a small or high voice, monotone speech, speaking in fading sentences, using upspeak, or speaking too quietly or too loudly all have an impact on the image you create. Using too many fillers, not getting to the point, not projecting your voice sufficiently, using defensive or submissive body language, not aligning your facial expressions to your words... or other behaviors all impact your overall communication effectiveness and self-expression.

When you truly learn to connect your body, breath, mind, and voice, you begin to speak and communicate more authentically, comfortably, confidently, and joyfully. A fuller range of expression will make itself available, which will open up so much more potential for connection and growth.

Oftentimes, by becoming aware of and addressing a few critical issues, you start connecting more organically and truthfully to your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. It can make all the difference in the world in your communication style.

If you are interested in cultivating your most powerful--and genuine voice, reach out! A short phone or Zoom consultation may be all you need to direct you on the right path. We'll chat and I'll provide some starters--techniques and strategies that apply to your specific issues that can start setting you up for huge rewards. I assure you, you'll learn something new and and great that you can begin applying right away!

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