The Lack of a Common Vocabulary to Fully Discuss Voice


Question from a Subscriber

Hi Judy,

One question...

I am sure there is a way to alter/change one's voice.
I never had a strong voice myself.
What is the process of changing or altering voice called?
It is not about changing or improving one's accent, it is a different thing.
But I don't know how it is even called...
Any idea? Thank you!

Hi, A.,
Thanks so much for your question. It's a huge part of what I do. The way you speak, how you feel and connect to your speech and voice, is a product of the connection and integration of your body, mind, breath, and not to sound too esoteric, spirit.

Voice and expression is a full body (self) event.
And you're right, we don't yet have an adequate common vocabulary for talking about it! That point is brought up often in the literature and what's missing, to a degree, from the pedagogy.

To keep it simple and understandable, on my website and for my classes, I call it "voice enhancement." It also involves vocal exploration. The truth is, most people become accustomed to using just a small part of what their voices are capable of. Most voices are blocked or restricted in some way, through habit, societal influences, and other forces. I work with people to better understand and use their voices to more fully express themselves and also to use the voice as an instrument for observing blocks, uncovering or re-discovering aspects of their personality, and developing greater self-understanding.

The voice is a relatively untapped instrument in most people's lives. It's a shame and a great loss to individual and collective growth.
I'll talk more about it in detail in future blogs, and I've also talked about voice in my prior blogs.

Please keep your questions coming. Or your comments! I love to hear what you are thinking about or want to discuss.