5  Commonly Overlooked Practices In Business Communication 


5 Most Common Mistakes My Clients Make (or have made) While

Communicating in Business

Here are some of the most common, or most consequential, mistakes my clients make (or have made in the past), in terms of communicating effectively or sealing the deal:

📸 1. Not consistently tailoring information for the audience/listeners' needs. Maintaining perspective of the big picture.

--What upper management typically wants: Just the facts, ma'am. If I want more detail, I'll ask.

*Be careful not to get caught up in your own agenda!

⏳ 2. Not being succinct. Be diligent and plan ahead what you need to communicate; even try working it out a few ways out loud, especially if it concerns new or very specific or complex information.

--People appreciate your respect for their time, as well as your professional approach.

*Don't waste people's time fumbling around for the right words.

👥 3. Not knowing your audience well enough. Depending on the circumstance, what is this person or company's needs or pain points; what is their culture like, their approach or style?

--Approach them in a way that really speaks to THEM.

*Do your research, as best you can.

🧠 4. Not having outcome top of mind: how do you want your listener(s) to feel and what do you want them to do, as a result of this interaction?

--Remind yourself to consider this before every important conversation.

*Really work on channeling this in a visceral way, so it comes through naturally and consistently throughout your communication.

🧘‍♀️ 5. Not considering your ability to stay present during the communication: grounded, yet open; connected to your body and breath.

--Beforehand: Visualize and channel the state of being you want to be in. Breathe and practice speaking aloud in a calm, expressive, genuine voice.

👂*Your ability to listen well can be the critical factor separating you from others in your niche.

Can you think of any others? What are YOUR particular communication challenges?