Well, He Sounds Nice


New Dating App Features VOICES. When I heard about the new app Waving - Voice Dating, I WAS NOT SURPRISED! The question I had was more like, What took so long?

A bit of shared history. Back in 1999, when I was still fairly new to NYC, I tried something called "The Relationship Line." It was a precursor to online dating, but in my opinion, a much more sophisticated and accurate way to gauge a potential connection. It worked like this: one person left a recording and another would listen and decide whether they wanted to leave a message for that person. This was after a series of prompt questions regarding age, location, and a few other factors. If both felt a connection, a dialogue would ensue.

Waving - Voice Dating works in a similar way, though, after connecting, communication reverts to text, an option we didn't have back in the day!

My feeling has always been that unlike a written statement, the voice immediately conveys worlds of information. Intelligence, warmth, humor, self-confidence all come across through the tone, cadence and nuance of speech. It worked for me, at least; I'm still with the guy I met all those years ago on The Relationship Line!

Over my many years of studying voice and communication, I've realized that my feeling had a great deal of merit. Many have heard about the Albert Merahbian study which said that 93% of communication is comprised of the sound of your voice, body language and facial expressions while only the remaining 7% is the words you say. The role of the voice in professional and social interaction is critical. Research supports the fact that people who possess a strong vocal image maintain a distinct competitive advantage in winning new business and becoming more successful. They also tend to be more popular.

Voice work is not difficult, and improvement can lead to life-changing results. After some basic voice work, I've watched clients receive promotions, gain a stronger self-image, build confidence, and more importantly, become happier. In fact, many are often unaware that they are dynamic speakers!

Your voice is your brand. Learn to make it one of your most powerful assets.