Using Right-Brain Strategies To Speak English Like a Native (Designed for non-native speakers of English)


Using Right-Brain Strategies To Speak English Like a Native
(Designed for non-native speakers of English)

Learn Smart and Effective Strategies That Will Skyrocket Your Levels of Clarity, Comfort, Confidence, and JOY in Speaking English

June 17th at 6:15 pm

I use music and right brain strategies with all my clients for improving speech, voice, and connection to message. This class is designed with non-natives in mind, but might be helpful regardless of your native language--if you're interested in developing a more dynamic, compelling speaking voice--and who isn't?!

When you speak in a second language, you don't always feel as much "like yourself" as you do when you speak in your native tongue. The speech sounds and intonation patterns you learned in your first language have become deeply ingrained and your speaking habits automatic. The feeling and flow of your first language in your mouth, body, and spirit become part of your identity.

However, this does NOT mean that we aren't capable of taking on a second language and speaking it in a way that feels natural, comfortable, and authentic to who we are. I equate it to ballroom dancing. When you've danced the Waltz all your life and could do it in your sleep, and then decide to train yourself in cha-cha, it's still your energy being emitted when you dance; you're just expressing yourself with a different style and part of your personality. We are all multi-dimensional and ever capable of learning, growing, changing, and expanding our expression of who we are.

The terms "left brain" and "right brain" are used in general terms here: we all know that the brain is an incredibly complex conglomeration of cells and networks. At around the age of puberty, language dominates to the left hemisphere of the brains in most people. We lose some of the "right brain" aspects of learning and processing that are critical to speaking a second language fluently and holistically. Specifically, we lose the ability to absorb the temporal, spatial, and musical aspects of speech naturally, relying more heavily on our left brain analytical thinking skills.

Incorporating "right brain" skills and other creative strategies into your language and speaking development will enhance the clarity, comfort, and joy you experience during your journey of mastering a second language. Feeling like your true self when you speak is essential to effective and comfortable communication, and these techniques help to get you there faster and more effectively than traditional techniques.

Join me at this session where I will teach you smart, strategic, fun, practical strategies and apply them in dynamic activities and exercises that WILL improve your English fluency, comfort level and mastery.

There may be some music, singing, and acting involved--but don't let that scare you! It's minimal, and it's LOW KEY; never any judgments in my classes! Anyway, you only need participate as far as you feel comfortable doing.

(In fact, you can just listen and observe, if that's what you think you want to do, but Warning/Fun Alert: you might just find yourself joining in, anyway!

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