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Free Online Session 9/15/20

 Developing the Skills Needed for Effective, Powerful and ENJOYABLE Communication

What can go wrong with communication
and strategies for accessing your best, authentic self,
especially in stressful communication contexts

If, as a communicator, you've ever found yourself tensing up or your mind going blank, or you find yourself rambling, speaking too fast, or mumbling- you're human. And, good news: this Zoom session is for YOU. ;)

There are myriad variables that can contribute to an unsuccessful communication encounter or one that causes speaker stress or discomfort. Of course, it's context-dependent, and since each person is unique, one speaker's issues are different from another's. Connecting with others, professionally and personally should provide us with some of our deepest joys and pleasures; it shouldn't, and doesn't have to be, a ...

Through Speech Improvement Work, Accent Modification, Voice Enhancement or Business Communication Skills Training You Will Increase Your Chances for Success.

Accent on Speech with Judith Weinman provides highly specialized programs for companies and individuals to improve communication. Programs are offered privately or in groups and are custom tailored to individual needs for improving speech, voice, language and presentation skills. We help professionals who wish to improve skills and gain confidence in their ability to speak clearly and effectively, in both professional and social settings. Through speech improvement work, accent modification, voice enhancement or business communication skills training you can enhance your communication.

• Reduce your accent, either foreign or regional • Improve the sound of your voice, including ability to project, harness the power of breath effectively, improve tone and quality • Improve ability to express thoughts clearly and effectively • Enhance skills necessary to "perform" both in formal presentations and in daily business communication • Speak using the sounds of American English clearly and accurately • Increase the clarity of your speech and reduce misunderstandings • Improve the language you use in social situations • Talk more clearly on the telephone • Make effective presentations with confidence • Gain awareness of body language or improve understanding of cultural differences and styles 

Class Schedules and Announcements

Reduced prices for all online services. Effective March 12-.

Get a  FREE  lesson on intonation, stress, and becoming a more dynamic communicator.

We Help Companies Benefit from Improved Communication and Speech

Clear Communication is Key for Healthcare and Medical Professionals

Healthcare workers who lack listening skills or speak or communicate in a manner that does not elicit trust and evoke competence, negatively impact the patient, the hospital, and their own professional credibility. The inability to project the voice; speaking at a rate that is too fast, too slow; in a volume that is too soft or too loud, or any other vocal habit that detracts from communication, can all be factors that negatively affect the health-care worker-patient relationship. These same skills are important within the organization, as head residents, team leaders, and others in positions of authority help set the professional and communicative tone of a setting.

We Help Kids and Adults With Speech and Language 

I have been a speech and language therapist since 1992, and have worked extensively with school-aged (5-18) and preschool-aged children, as well as adults. Specialties include learning disabilities or delays, language delays, articulation disorders, auditory processing issues, attention deficits, executive functioning skills, reading and writing difficulties, test preparation, and study skills. I have also worked extensively with stuttering and voice disorders.

Empowering The Voice for Women

This workshop is offered to women who are interested in learning how to use their voices more effectively. It can be adapted as a lecture and group session, or as a series of classes that meet once weekly for 5 sessions. Individual sessions are available as well. 

Speech and Communication Improvement for Native English Speakers

Do you feel your voice and speaking manner are truly representing who you are, or whom you know you can be? If not, do something about it!

Vocal presence is the state where your words, facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, emotions, imagination, and spirit are all fully engaged and congruent in conveying your message. You don't have one voice; you have many. 

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Many Satisfied Relationships Since 1992 


Ph.D. Student in Business

"This space is too small to write a testimonial for a person like Judy Weinman. She is an amazing person who is dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate in her field of study."

Dr. K. 

Neurologist and Lecturer

"This was one of the most interesting courses I've ever taken. It helped me in my speech tremendously, but also in ways I was not expecting. A wonderful investment!"

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