A Re-Introduction: Hi! I'm Judith Weinman


Hello! 👋

It's been a little while since I said "hi" and since I have some new connections and "followers," I thought I would do just that.

Hi. I'm Judy, and I'm a voice, speech, and communication trainer. My life's work is learning about and teaching others how we can become better, more comfortable and more confident communicators.

I started out as a speech/language therapist, and though I still work with people who stutter and also do voice therapy, the majority of my clients are professionals seeking to bring the best parts of themselves into their professional roles. The way we use our voices and speak is the main means with which we connect to and influence others, and has a direct impact on how we perceive ourselves.

🎤 I'm a trained singer and have an extensive education in vocal pedagogy. In addition, I have a background in acting and performance. These are critical factors that contribute to my approach in helping any speaker find the voice, or voices that reflect all, or more of who they are. Together, we work to get past the old stories, voice and speech habits, and habitual patterns of tension that can get in the way and block you from expressing yourself freely and authentically. In addition, finding the right voice for the role(s) you play is critical to professional success.

🗣 I've been studying accents forever. I am familiar with the language/speech patterns of most major languages and can pinpoint precisely what a speaker needs to do to sound clearer and even native. I've helped thousands (literally) of non-native English speakers develop clearer speech and a more confident voice. I've worked with actors as a dialect coach for -off and -on Broadway shows as well as for a few films. One actor I worked with, originally from Syria, beat out over 200 other actors for a part as an American character in a B'way show.

💼 With professionals, I address meeting skills, presentation skills, handling nervous energy, and multiple other issues that arise as their roles expand and new skillsets are called for.

💙 I love what I do. I couldn't quit even if I "wanted" to. It's a passion not chosen. It's something I wake up wanting to do more of, learn more about, and grow more through. Working with people in this way provides a continuous journey of greater insight, even revelation, into who we are and what it means to be human. So, now you know a bit more about me and my addiction. ; )

Who are you? If you haven't already, connect with me on LinkedIn and say "Hi!" :)