Voice Profiling... I've been waiting for this...


Shhhh, they're listening: Inside the coming voice-profiling revolution

Marketers are on the verge of using AI-powered technology to make decisions about who you are and what you want based purely on the sound of your voice.

I've just been waiting for this... Here are some of the highlights from the article from Fast Company: 

If you hear, "This call is being recorded for training and quality control," it isn't just the customer service representative they're monitoring.

Not only can people be profiled by their speech patterns, but they can also be assessed by the sound of their voices-which, according to some researchers, is unique and can reveal their feelings, personalities, and even their physical characteristics.
... inferences that link physiology to emotions and forms of stress may be culturally biased and prone to error. That concern hasn't deterred marketers, who typically use voice profiling to draw conclusions about individuals' emotions, attitudes, and personalities.

... What if voice profiling tells a prospective employer that you're a bad risk for a job that you covet or desperately need? What if it tells a bank that you're a bad risk for a loan? What if a restaurant decides it won't take your reservation because you sound low class, or too demanding?

Consider, too, the discrimination that can take place if voice profilers follow some scientists' claims that it is possible to use an individual's vocalizations to tell the person's height, weight, race, gender, and health.

Your voice--it tells A LOT.