How To Analyze Your Speech


Get Personalized Feedback

$8.00 – $100.00  |  Experience this convenient and cost-effective way to get personalized feedback and instruction. Micro sessions enable you to record up to two minutes of your speech for review by me, Judith Weinman. I will listen to and analyze your recording, with or without video, and then reply with my own recording or video providing you detailed analysis and instruction on what you can do to improve.

Select Number of Sessions

How it Works

Once sessions are purchased, submit your audio, video, or text files via WhatsApp®, Facebook Messenger, email, or any other method of preference. We respond within 24 business hours, Monday through Friday.


You can use any audio method you prefer, including WhatsApp®, Voice Recorder, Email, Voice Memos, Audio Hijack, and more.


You can use any video method through your computer, including Zoom Meeting, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, and more.


Send us your text files, including Presentations, Elevator Pitches, Speeches, and Common Phrases you say.

Micro Sessions Are Perfect For

Public Speaking Engagements


Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Accent Modification

Dialect Coaching

Enhancing Professional Image

Improving Overall Effectiveness of Your Speaking Voice

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