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Japanese speech sometimes gives the impression of sounding like a picket fence, with a lot less variation in pitch. It may be due partly to the fact that in English, there is a fixed word order, whereas in Japanese, any word can be moved to the beginning of a sentence, with an added particle (wa or ga). The...

When talking prices, giving instructions, or providing addresses and emails, especially when speaking over the phone, it's important to make sure that you are speaking clearly and pronouncing numbers distinctly, so that your listener does not misunderstand critical information.

Tele Talk


If you're a professional who does a lot of business over the phone, listen up.

Lately, I have found myself working with more and more engineers, especially chemical engineers. The relevance and importance of "soft skills," in relation to the ability to communicate, within the field of engineering should not be underestimated. In academia, students must be able to clearly understand their teachers. Researchers need to be able...

When people say "Speak from the gut" or "Trust your gut," they are advising their listener to trust their instinct or "inner voice." There really is a lot of wisdom in those words, in many ways.

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